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Jan 4, 2017

You may have been surprised when you watched Rogue One to notice that there was no yellow text slowly crawling up the screen. This was a deliberate decision according to director Gareth Edwards.

He is also on the record as stating that there was a crawl in Gary Whitta's original draft. 

I thought, that sounded interesting, so I tweeted to Gary:
I didn't really expect a reply and nor did I get one. I reasoned that he didn't actually have any rights to the script (that's how Hollywood works, scripts are effectively sold by writers to the studios) and that he couldn't share anything thing he wrote, even if he wanted to.

But The Book of Eli writer did check out my tweet history and found something he liked. It was the awesome poster of Jyn in 'old school' movie poster style for Rogue One:

Gary quoted the tweet asking if anyone knew where it came from and the reaction was amazing.

As of writing this post, the tweet had received 154 retweets and 349 likes. It also made some 23K impressions across twitter users accounts and I gained about 40 new followers.

Those are some incredible stats so thanks Gary!

Kindred spirits on the internet let us know who designed the poster - it's Alexy Kot and Gary was good enough to tweet them out and here they are - you can purchase a copy of the poster if you like!

The next day someone else asked Gary the same question about the draft Rogue One crawl in a different way and he was drawn into a response:
It's clear Gary is perfectly happy with the way things are. I'm still keen to see it as I love things that give insights into how Star Wars movies are made! It's certainly not an obsession though, Star Wars never get obsessed abut anything...

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