We need to talk about Darth Vader's eye brows

Feb 20, 2017
Yes, we absolutely need to have a quick chat about Darth Vader's eye brows.

Recall your last viewing of Return of the Jedi. 

Maybe you watched the Special Edition on DVD

Still with me? 

What colour were Darth Vader's eyebrows?

Can't recall? Or are you of the recollection that Darth had no eyebrows to speak of? And you would be correct. Darth Vader didn't have eyebrows in Jedi. 

Here's the proof:

Vader with no eyebrows in Return of the Jedi

Or is this fake news? 

No, not really just a minor change that George Lucas made to the film. See, the first cinematic release of Return of the Jedi actually had Vader featuring eyebrows. 'Face actor' Sebastian Shaw's eyebrows were on full display.

Like two little worms have a dance. 

Here's the proof:

Vader without eye brows in Return of Jedi

So why did this happen? What did George Lucas have Darth Vader's eyebrow's removed by the magic of CGI. 

Because of this moment in Revenge of the Sith. 

Annakin's eyebrowns burnt off

Did you notice anything? 

That's right, Vader's eyebrows and (general face) were burnt off after he caught on fire in the lava following Kenobi cutting him down. No way given those burns that Vader's eyes would have grown back. 

A minor change indeed but one of the better ones made!

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