Pablo Hildago confirms 'The Ancient Fear' was never a title of The Force Awakens

Apr 3, 2017

We recently got our knickers in a twist about a supposed 'Supreme Intellect' that George Lucas had suggested to Jedi's Richard Marquand who would be revealed as pulling the strings all along in a third Star Wars trilogy.

As part of that work, I mused a rumored name of the film 'The Ancient Fear' was a clue to this mysterious figure and how it was possibly a reference to what became Supreme Leader Snoke of the first order.

It was quickly resolved that yes, this idea of Lucas was gradually parlayed into Snoke. 

But that got me thinking about the rumored name of the movie, 'The Ancient Fear'. 

Was it really a working title of the movie? 

I had no idea and with all the fake news about these days, I went to the source and asked Pablo Hildago if this was the case. 

If you don't know who Pablo Hildago is let me explain that is a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group and if he says something is true or not true about Star Wars, we can take him at his word. 

So here's what he said:

So that clears it up once and for all.

'The Ancient Fear' was never a working title for The Force Awakens and thus it was never a reference to Snoke or any other Supreme Intellect that might have lurked out there a long time ago in a a galaxy far far away!

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