That Rex made it to the small moon of Endor IS NOW CANON

Apr 14, 2017
rex confirmed on jedi

We generally steer clear of The Clone Wars and Rebels. Called me a bad Star Wars fan but I just don't have time. A mortgage and kids helps with that. 

Sure I've watched a handful of episodes here and there. Pins is of course the best but you can't run In A Far Away Galaxy without knowing a thing or two about a guy called Rex.

Rex is a bit of a fan favourite. 

So when someone saw a guy with a beard in Jedi (known as Nik Sant) that could have looked like an older Rex, the legend was born.

Was Rex truly fighting with the Rebels in Return of the Jedi?

The short answer is no. 

The link between Rex of Clone Wars fame and the bearded Nik Sant of Jedi's Rebels was a bridge too far and certainly not canon. 

But the whispers and rumours creeped across the internet like an insidious vine getting where it shouldn't.

So much so the idea of Rex being in Jedi began to gel. There were hints of it happening. Dave Filoni may have mentioned in an interview: 

"But I think the one thing I have really thought about is I really do think that Rex is that guy on Endor. I really do. Why else is there a bearded old guy on Endor?"

But it was never a published thing in the Star Wars realm and thus not real.

Until today at the Star Wars Celebration to honor 40 years of Star Wars, Filoni made it official, Rex was on the small moon of Endor. 

Here's the revealed conceptual design art of Rex dressed as the Rebel from Jedi:

rex jedi concept art

How can this be? You might ask. 

In terms of the Star Wars timeline, it can play out in theory. The timeline is such that Return of the Jedi takes place only 7 or 9 years after the events of the second season of Star Wars Rebels. Given Clone Troopers like Rex age fairly rapidly due to their genetic engineering it's quite arguable he could fit the part. 

So, we will have to wait perhaps Season 4 of Rebels to see how this plays out, but at least we know that Rex makes it through the whole saga and was able to celebrate the demise of the Emperor.

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