Top 19 things I took away from Star Wars Celebration 2017

Apr 15, 2017
jyn rescue concept design
Congratulations. You are being rescued.
Star Wars Celebration Orlando has wrapped up after an exciting weekend of reveals, confirmations and further expanding mysteries.

Here's the take-aways of information that seem pretty interesting
  1. They must have paid Hayden Christiansen a pretty penny to turn up.
  2. The love shown for Hayden by fans must have melted any concerns he had about prequel haters heckling him. Right?
  3. There's a mining planet called Crait in TLJ.
  4. Luke has probably been on Prozac too long
  5. K-2SO once had the head of an RA-7 droid as part of his design.
  6. There used to be two other alien members of the party in Rogue One, Senna and Lunka.
  7. Rian Johnson seems pretty cool and indeed comfortable with Star Wars fans. Harrison Ford? Perhaps not so much. 
  8. To design the U-wing, 781 different drawings were done by Doug Chiang's design team before they settled on the final look.
  9. Luke's quote from The Last Jedi trailer "It is time for the Jedi to end" is going screw with fanboys and girls for months!
  10. Despite what the CEO of Disney said, Carrie Fisher will not be in Star Wars IX (unless Kathy Kennedy is faking us out). 
  11. Same for Lando Calrissain not being in The Last Jedi. Maybe we'll see him in IX (again, unless it's a fake out)
  12. Daisy and John have an amusing relationship.  Echoes of Hamil and Fisher?
  13. A lot people don't know the meaning of the words 'teaser' and 'trailer'.
  14. Daisey Ridley said Luke doesn't recognise Rey when she turns up at Ach-to Island. Queue more fervent speculation... 
  15. Ashoka lives! !! ?
  16. But that's OK as TLJ director says that we will find out who Rey's parents are (were?) in his movie.
  17. Star Wars Rebels will end after season four. A smart move by Disney. It's a quality show, no need to stretch it out and dilute its quality.
  18. Speaking of Rebels, Thrawn's body guard known as Rukh will have a moment or two. Guess who's doing the voice over? Yep, Warrick Davis is having yet another Star Wars cameo appearance! His eleventh!
  19. Kelly Marie Tran’s character name was revealed as Rose.  Surely they could have given her something cooler?

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