Who REALLY is the Supreme Intellect that Lucas spoke of to the director of Return of the Jedi?

Sep 24, 2018

Update: It was Palpatine all along.... refer The Rise of Skywalker

Update: Clearly I was late to the party as Stumpy Hobbit had already had it confirmed by Pablo Hildago himself on Twitter that George's storylines indeed inspired the Snoke character!

I couldn't find the actual tweet by Pablo though...

Who is the Supreme Intellect that Lucas spoke of to Richard Marquand?

This tweet by Jedi News piqued my interest:

Richard Marquand was the director of the third Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi. A personal favorite, Jedi was the first Star Wars movie I saw as a kid at the theatre.

Given that love, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Marquand and think he made a great movie

So when Jedi News says that Marquand had some insight about Lucas's intended vision of the Star Wars universe post Jedi, I was indeed interested. 

Here's the actual quote from the July 1983 edition of Prevue Magazine:

“If you follow the direction, and project into the final trilogy [i.e. Episode VII-IX], you realize that you’re going to meet the supreme intellect, and you think how is it possible to create a man who has such profound cunning that he can not only control Darth Vader, but the fate of Luke Skywalker? Control the destiny of the whole galaxy? You’ll be amazed!”

So there's apparently supreme intellect out there, pulling strings across the universe far wider than that Palpatine once managed?

That was in 1983 and some 33 years later, The Force Awakens is released and with it, a mysterious character called Snoke is revealed.

Snoke is definitely pulling strings across the universe. He's tapped into the psyche of Kylo Ren and is attuned to the Force in some way. 

Is Snoke the embodiment of the idea that Lucas described to Marquand? 

Is Snoke this 'Supreme Intellect'?

I'm sure Pablo Hidalgo will be the first to tell me my Snoke Theory Sucks but it's not really mine, this theory has been around since the moment Snoke dropped into canon. I'm just taking it for a spin.

It's impossible to miss the reference to the intelligence is considered 'supreme' and that Snoke's more formal title is 'Supreme Leader'. Or am I making a leap to far like most random Youtube Star Wars speculators?

A rumoured working title for TFA was The Ancient Fear. An ancient supreme intellect perhaps? Update 2 - Pablo debunked that for us personally!

I quite like the Snoke - Darth Plagueis theory myself... but then Pablo debunked that theory too. 

But let's take a side step of sorts. 

I'm interested in this reminder from history because of what happened with the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney - you know when Lucas sold Star Wars to the 'white slavers'...

We understand that Lucas had been playing with ideas for years about the movies numbers 7,8,9 and had made several comments over the decades.

While it is absolute myth that Lucas actually wrote 9 or even 12 Star Wars movies, he has stated several times, he thought that the third trilogy should be filmed in the time line where Luke Skywalker was as old as Kenobi himself was in A New Hope.

Indeed, at the time of the sale it was widely reported that Lucas had been developing story lines for the future and they were incorporated into the sale.  

Cut to literally the last minute of The Force Awakens and it's clear that Lucas' vision of Luke has been carried through.

We also know that scriptwriter Michael Arndt spent also most a year as the lead pen of the film that became The Force Awakens before JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan effectively when back to the drawing board.

But did Arndt work with the storylines that Lucas had developed and supplied to Disney?

And did these also include the 'Supreme Intellect' that Marquand spoke of? And if so, is this shadowy entity Supreme Leader Snoke?

Did you ever see the movie Krull? It's an awesome fantasy film that's so bad it's good. Nice to see it had a mention on the Prevue magazine cover above!

Update 1:

Given Snoke was killed off The Last Jedi, this character becomes a bit of a red herring in terms of the overall story arc of the new trilogy. Re-enter JJ Abrams for The Rise of Skywalker who promptly re-introduces Emperor Palpatine into the mix - turns out his long-running plan for domination of the Galaxy was bigger than we all thought.... Was Snoke a clone of Palpatine after all? Was he using Snoke as a vehicle to speak with Ben Skywalker... and the real question - Is Rey a descendant of Palpatine?

Update 2:

Snoke was indeed a clone, TROS confirms this and it even appears as a story thread in The Mandalorians Season Two, Episode 4.

And yes, young Rey is indeed Palpatine's grandaughter. 


  1. GL's original vision was to have the Emperor revealed in the final trilogy. Whenhe shortened it to a single trilogy, he brought the character forward. The emperor was the supreme intellect..."a man who has such profound cunning that he can not only control Darth Vader, but the fate of Luke Skywalker"... no mention of Palpatine being controlled because HE was the intended revealed character.

  2. There is something to this! I know it all got changed but could Darth Plageuis have been this supreme intellect at one point? Who knew The Emperor would kill him in rage and hatred. Only Sidious was too powerful to 'infect' or use as a host. So he went to Exogol where the cultists kept his spirit 'alive' in a body. Upon his death he may have given up his Sith identity like the Jedi do to retain their consciousness in The Force as blue ghosts. He would be the Dark-Side version. A preeminent Dark-Side Being who could send his awareness out into the Galaxy, bridge minds and influence the more mortal characters. He may have even been able to 'haunt' The Emperor and blind him to Vader's imminent betrayal! And in TROS he is still looking for someone to 'free' him, to kill him in anger so he can use their body as a host! Either that or some eternal Dark-Side power or source that has been trying to manipulate events the whole time. Either way, I'd have loved to have seen Lucas' vision for the ST. I heard him say it was much more esoteric and I think it was probably to out-there for Disney's liking. But it would've been great.


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