Jun 21, 2017

Lord and Miller are now Lost and Missing from the Han Solo film set

There's been a strange and mysterious disturbance in the Force, as if a giant corporate conglomerate flexed its muscle against the directors of the Han Solo movie.

That's right Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have left the Han Solo prequel movie with apparently only 3 weeks left citing creative differences. 

3 weeks left in filming and you're out?

Just like the sands of Alderaan through time, they are gone.

This surely is more than the official line of creative differences. The script was agreed on. Lucasfilm had months of dailies to review. The tone and form of the movie were set and agreed on. 

But is this Disney being jerks?! Is Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy playing power hungry movie mogul?

I doubt it.

Can you spell Josh Trank?

Can you spell the near disaster that Gareth Edwards' Rogue One was? 

These issues were all fixed by KK.

One thing's for sure Kathleen Kennedy has been in the movie business a long and successful time. There should be no doubt that  she has the ability to make the calls that will see the movie made as good as it can be.


She made the call to remove Josh Trank when it was clear he was having a few personal issues and couldn't deliver a good movie. She's not afraid of the hard stuff so trust in her judgement.

This tweet from Philip is possibly telling.

If this refers to internal troubles on the production, it's not cool to air them publicly or even hint at them. It's suggests a lack of professionalism.

At the end of the day, the directors are hired guns, they have to do what they are asked to do. This was not a project of their own that they started from the ground up and they were willing participants and need to consider that in any public statements they may make in the future.


So will this movie turn out OK,?

Who knows? Who really cares?

This is not the first time directors have left big film projects - Richard Donner famously got the boot after filming most of Superman II for example.

Honestly, we don't need Star Wars prequel films like the origin of Han Solo, the awesomeness of Rogue One aside. I want to see what happens next! I don't personally care enough to be Uber excited for a Han Solo story but fans will lap it up and hopefully there will be some awesome Falcon scenes!

Update: Ron Howard is now filming the movie.

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