Aug 20, 2017

Prince Harry and Wills confirmed as playing cameo roles in The Last Jedi

Update: The Princes scene was cut from the movie.

It's long been suspected given their set visit and wink winks from various people but John Boyega himself no less has confirmed the cameo of Princes William and Harry in The Last Jedi:

 “They came on set. They were there. I’m sick of hiding it. I think it was leaked, anyway. There were images. Every time I get asked, I have to dodge it. I’m tired of dodging it. They were there."

What does her Majesty the Queen have to say about this?

What's more is that Boyega also confirmed the rumour that Tom Hardy does a cameo in the movie too. 

There's actually plenty of cameos in the Last Jedi, including Gary Barlow from Britain's Best Boy Band of the 1990's, Take That! they will  both be playing Stormtroopers in the movie, we imagine they will not be as awesome as Daniel Craig was in his The Force Awakens cameo!

We should actually note that John words don't actually confirm the cameo....

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