"The road to the Force is through the breath" George Lucas / "Breathe, Just Breathe" Luke Skywalker to Rey in TLJ

Aug 21, 2017
rey contemplating life in the last jedi

George Lucas did a 2005 interview with Rolling Stone which focused on the character of Darth Vader.

Rolling Stone asked a question which got a very cool response:

RS: One of Vader's favorite ways of dispatching people is by strangulation. Is that because of his inability to breathe without the iron lung?

Lucas: Well, it's a bigger metaphor than that. Strangulation is always a theme. Life is breath. It's a powerful idea in Buddhism: Cutting off life is cutting off breath. The road to the Force is through the breath.

It's the last line that rang a bell with me.

Did you watch the first The Last Jedi teaser trailer?

What does Luke say to Rey?

"Breathe, just breathe". 

Luke is training Rey in the ways of the Force. She is learning about it and Luke knows that by focusing on her breathing, Rey will become more attuned to it. 

Rey experienced this somewhat in her lightsaber dual with Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. When Kylo reminds her of the Force, she  remembers it exists, takes a moment to focus and is then able to find strength from the Force. 

Luke is empowering her further, just as Yoda did himself. 

It's a nice call back to the thematic history of Star Wars.

Speaking of themes (and Mike Klimo's Ring Theory) note the top picture of Rey in The Last Jedi. Have you seen that anywhere else in Star Wars?

annakin back to us in attack of the clones

It's nice to see that The Last Jedi's director and scriptwriter Rian Johnson has a firm command of the themes of Star Wars. 

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