What Emperor Palpatine learned about spider webs in The Phantom Menace and how he caught Luke with one in ROTJ.

Aug 7, 2017

Regular reads will know that we have a wee crush on keen Star Wars enthusiast Mike Klimo. He turned us on to the Nosferatu connection to Grevious but it's his analysis into the Star Wars movies that is unparalleled in many ways. 

His insights into the so called Star Wars Ring Theory has for many fans, this one included, actually improved our enjoyment of Star Wars movies. 

This was a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. 

Well, Klimo just doesn't stop and here's his latest analysis of Palpatine's growth as a Sith Lord. 

Borrowed straight from his Instagam, here's is thinking regarding the parallels between two scenes in The Phantom Menace and Return of the Jedi:

'In Jedi, Luke Skywalker’s compassion for his father leads him to surrender himself to Darth Vader, in an effort to draw his father back from the dark side. 

In Menace, Queen Amidala’s compassion for her people, who are suffering under occupation by the Trade Federation, leads her to travel to Coruscant and argue for political intervention. However, in doing so, she unknowingly surrenders herself to Senator Palpatine, who as Darth Sidious, has spent the film trying to capture the Queen so she’ll sign a treaty that legitimizes the occupation. 

She walks right into the enemy’s hands without even realizing it. 

And in a nice, subtle touch, Palpatine greets Amidala upon landing in Coruscant and says, “It is a great gift to see you alive, Your Majesty.” [The gift being she she has walked into the spider's web - JR] 

Unsurprisingly, the scene in Menace plays at approximately the same point in the film as its corresponding scene in Jedi. Also, both scenes take place on a landing platform, and include characters walking down a long pathway in a three-quarter front-angle shot.

On Coruscant, Amidala is manipulated by Palpatine into calling for a “vote of no confidence” in the current leadership, which paves the way for Palpatine’s election to Supreme Chancellor—effectively putting an end to the Republic. 

Amidala, like the Rebels in Jedi, have fallen into a trap. (Also, notice how the next scene in Menace takes place, appropriately enough, on a balcony as the sun sets on Coruscant.)

So, rereading Jedi in light of Menace, there is now added meaning to the Emperor’s attempt to lure the Rebels into his elaborate spider web. 

Take these two exchanges between the Emperor and Vader in Jedi.

The first one takes place when the Emperor arrives on the Death Star:

VADER: The Death Star will be completed on schedule.
EMPEROR: You have done well, Lord Vader. And now I sense you wish to continue your search for young Skywalker.
VADER: Yes, my Master.
EMPEROR: Patience, my friend. In time he will seek you out. And when he does, you must bring him before me. He has grown strong. Only together can we turn him to the dark side of the Force.
VADER: As you wish.
EMPEROR: Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. 

The second exchange takes place later in the film when Vader informs the Emperor that a small Rebel force, including his son, has penetrated the shield and landed on Endor:

EMPEROR: Then you must go to the Sanctuary Moon and wait for them.
VADER: (with skeptical voice) He will come to me?
EMPEROR: I have foreseen it. His compassion for you will be his undoing. He will come to you and then you will bring him before me.
VADER: (bows) As you wish.

Klimo continues:

We now know that everything is proceeding as the Emperor has foreseen in Jedi because he went through an uncannily similar experience in Menace. 

There is no need for Darth Vader to search the galaxy for Luke, in the way that Darth Maul searched for Amidala, because, as the Emperor learned, Luke will ultimately come to Vader just like Amidala came to Palpatine. 

So, in Episode I, Palpatine learns of the “flaw of compassion.” In Episode VI, he fully exploits it.'


It just re-enforces for us that George Lucas does not get enough credit for his writing skills!

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