The official The Last Jedi poster

Oct 9, 2017
Here's the official Star Wars poster for The Last Jedi. 

First thing one notes is Luke looms large over top. His father used to play that part...

Also it's bathed in chuck berry red. 

Blood red.

Which means Rey's blue saber stands out. Note that its glow reflects onto Luke who is largely bathed in red on the other side. More Stars Wars duality.

The use of the red and blue sabers continues on from The Force Awakens poster and again Rey and Kylo's weapons of choice run in parallel to each other (In TFA Rey's staff aligned with Kylo's saber).

It also confirms Captain Phasma has a spear. 

And of course, there's no Han Solo :( 

the last jedi official poster

To download the poster for a screenshot / wallpaper right click on the image. 

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