When in time should Rian Johnson's new trilogy be set?

Nov 9, 2017

If you've been too busy doing your job or milking your cat, you might not have heard that Rian John, director of the forth coming The Last Jedi, has been given the opportunity by Lucasfilm to develop a new Star Wars trilogy.

He will write and direct the first film of what we are called (which we are calling Rian's Trilogy >> RT) 

It's been made very clear that this new set of films will be stand alone from the Skywalker saga and the adventures of Rey and Poe and Finn. 

Which means there's an opportunity pretty much to do anything, any where any time in that galaxy far far away. 

So when in time should those RT movies be set. 

ANH was a long time ago. 

Should Rian's Trilogy be set in a similar time? By that we mean from the prequels to the sequels and in between. 

Let's call that Star Wars 'now time'. Would an epic story need to tie in to the Skywalker saga now time? 

Nope, move along. 

Could it be set in the far ahead future? 

Nope, that would set Lucas on a story telling path it may not want to commit to. 

So this means that Rian's trilogy will likely be set years and years before A New Hope was even a twinkle in Obi Wan's eye. 

So when could the RT be set?

Will it be set thousands of years before hand? Hundreds of thousands?

Could we see the formation of the Jedi order?

Could we see how the Sith came into being?

Could we learn how the Force itself was created? 

The early days of Couruscant? 

Old Republic?

Remember even though RT will explore unexplored Star Wars, it can of course take themes and ideas and but them in a totally different context. 

Personally, I'm just looking forward to new space ships....

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