20 subtle moments you might have missed in The Last Jedi

Jan 30, 2022
cool plot points in the last jedi

The subtlety of The Last Jedi 

Director Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi was an action ride and a half - but there was a lot of subtlety that could have been easily missed, regardless of your opinion about the merits of the film...

Here are some wee plot points that one could easily have missed amongst all the excitement of falthiers and wot not...

  1. The Falthier boy jockey at the end used the Force to pick up the broom... he was the result of the Spark after all. 
  2. When Rey reaches out and touches the rain on the Island, this is her first experience of actual rain. When she is drawn into the dark side of the island, that's probably her first time submerged in salt water or perhaps even swimming. Remember, there was not a lot of water on Jakku.
  3. When Rey is following Luke up the stairs did you spot the giant sea monster breaking the surface of the ocean below them?
  4. Rey stole the Jedi books and hid them in the Millenium Falcon. You can see them in the draw near the end of the movie when the team are regrouping on the Falcon. Yoda burns down the tree so Luke does not discover this. That cheeky trickster!
  5. As the Force Tree burns, its flames appear to make the Rebel Alliance symbol. This could be interpreted as the Jedi rising 'from the ashes' ...
  6. In the prequel Rogue One, Jyn Erso reads out the list of data file names - one is 'hyperspace tracking' - this shows it was a 'thing' in the Star Wars universe and not just a gimmick for the movie. 
  7. Kylo tricks Snoke by turning both sabers at the same time and thinking about killing his enemy - Snoke missed that Kylo wanted to rule for himself and was thus his enemy. 
  8. When Luke is projecting himself to Crait from the Island there are two clues for the viewer to understand this. The first is his beard is brown and he appears younger - this is the same look as when he last saw Kylo Ren at the 'Jedi Academy. The second clue is while Kylo's feet were disturbing the red salt during the confrontation, when Luke walked over it, no red salt was disturbed. 
  9. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards has a cameo as one of the last Rebels on Crait - you can catch him in the trenches as they are about to face off against the Monkey Walkers.
  10. Finn and Rose actually completely fail in their mission! Twice! First, they fail to execute the hyper drive plan, and second when Rose crashes into Finn, she exposes the rest of Rebels to certain death (she had no idea Luke would turn up to rescue them).
  11. Admiral Ackbar was killed in the bridge explosion.
  12. The classic line "I've got a bad feeling about this" was not said by a human but apparently BB-8.
  13. There's no indication whether code breaker DJ, survives or not. 
  14. No light sabers actually cross each other in the heat of battle, a first for a main trilogy Star Wars film. 
  15. When Luke raps Rey over the knuckles, that's a call back to when Yoda trained Luke in Degobah and did a similar thing. 
  16. Luke Skywalker's mechanical hand features a damaged area where his hand was shot by a laser blast during the rescue of Han Solo in Return of the Jedi at the Pit of Karcoon where the Sarlacc lived.
  17. When Poe Dameron introduces himself to Rey, the Han Solo Star Wars classic "I know" line is used.
  18. Rose and Finn are arrested for a  '27-b-stroke-6'. This is a reference to Terry Gilliam's film Brazil.
  19. When Rey and BB-8 are reunited on the Falconm Rey notices that his antenna had been repaired and gently plays with it. This is a call back to The Force Awakens when she made the original repair. 
  20. When Rey says to Luke "I need someone to show me my place in all this" half her face is in the light, the other in the dark. Which is suggestive of the light and dark sides of the Force. This lighting technique was done in The Force Awakens on Kylo when he was bathed in red and blue in his face of with his father Han Solo whilst the light of the sun was failing. George Lucas employed the same technique in Revenge of the Sith when he had Anakin in the shadow and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the light. Lucas also played with the dark and the light and Luke's place in the Force in the Return of the Jedi when it was revealed his black costume had white underneath.
the dark side and the light shadow on rey
The dark side and the light!

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