Here's how The Last Jedi could have ended (if you hated the original ending)

Dec 16, 2017
how the last jedi should have finished

My take on how The Last Jedi could have ended

The Last Jedi was a hot mess.

Let's just admit it and move on*.

It had a lot going for it but it had some major plot issues, the least of which was Luke's character arc.

Luke was the Jedi that convinced The Chosen One to kill the Emperor and restore balance to the Force. Luke had faced Vader himself and beaten him in the process. 

I'm saying he was battle hardened. He had been through it all. Despite his fear, he never gave up. 

The Last Jedi then turned him into a sad old hermit because he had at one time thought to kill Kylo Ren before he destroyed the galaxy (the one that's far far away). 

Some things went down with Ben Solo and Luke then shut himself away and from the Force. 

Yoda then convinces him to sort his shit and then he Force projects the shit out himself, tells Kylo Ren he's been a bad bad boy and then dies. 

Dies while looking at a Binary Sunset. It's a beautiful thing. 

But it's not how it should have played out. 

Here is how I think the end of The Last Jedi should have played out. 

We get to the point where the Rebels are on Crait and at their most desperate hour. 

Instead of Force projecting himself halfway across the galaxy to screw with Ren's mental hatred of him, he turns up in person, the here and now (Maybe Chewbacca went back for him...?)

They do the dance they do, even point for point as it happens in the actual movie until Luke EFFORTLESSLY pulls an Obi Wan Kenobi and removes a few of Kylo Ren's limbs. 

Does that sound familiar? 

It would have been a great moment - think about it Kylo wants to be his grandfather who lost three limbs to one of the great Jedi Knights. Well, he wants it and now he gets it care of one of the great Jedi Knights. 

Satisfied, Luke joins the Rebel and they leave Crait. 

Hux rescues Ren just like Palpatine did Vader in Revenge of the Sith. 

End of movie.

Brilliant eh?

This also sets up episode 9 really well.

What ever plot happens happens. 

We then get to the business end of the movie. Luke has a rematch with Kylo Ren. It's epic, there are heroes on both sides but Kylo gets his revenge. Maybe he tricks Luke. 

Either way Luke goes out a dying hero and not a bitch like Snoke.

This sets up the final confrontation between Rey and Kylo. 

You can decide who wins. 

So that's it, my take on how The Last Jedi should have ended and how it would have lent itself to an excellent sequel and conclusion to the new trilogy.

*millions disagree with me.


  1. Would have been better than the crap they came up with.

  2. I agree Last Jedi was a messy needs a re-edit at the least to end more cleanly. My better ending has Rae and Kylo joining forces to create a new faction beyond dark and light. Episode 9 could then permit Luke to serve as a final sacrificial lamb to a new covenant forged by that imperfect union.

  3. Here's how It should have ended:
    The dreadnought arrives arrive at D'Qar in the middle of evacuation. Instead of firing at the base, Captain Canady orders fire at the Raddus instead, because they can't run if the cruiser is destroyed first, stranding the few rebels left behind to be destroyed next.
    Poe Dameron faces alone the First order on his X-Wing, when Hux say it's only one fighter, BB-8 floats towards the fleet and surprise! it's spherical shape is a mini-death star that destroy the entire fleet, then beeps, and Poe says: Happy beeps friend, it's a PG-13 movie.

  4. “Game of Thrones” has ruined “Star Wars”. GOT has been very unpredictable whereas SW has been VERY predictable, except Empire Steikes Back, the greatest episode. What WOULD’VE been great is if Kylo & Rey had swapped positions... Rey became evil and Kylo good. FIN should’ve died or betrayed the rebellion and went back to the 1st Order. End Last Jedi w/Rey & Snoke fighting Luke and Kylo (Luke kills off Snoke in the last scene) and Rey escapes setting up next episode.

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that Game of Thrones has ruined Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back was AWESOME because of how UNPREDICTABLE and DARK it was (did anyone predict Vader thrashing Luke before telling him he’s his father? Or Solo frozen taken away by Boba Fett?) Since then, the Star Wars plots have been pretty lame and predictable. What WOULD’VE been cool in Last Jedi is if FINN had been killed or betrayed the rebellion and gone back to the 1st Order; Rey & Kylo had swapped (Kylo became Jedi & Rey Dark Side), and it ended w/Luke & Kylo in an epic battle w/Snoke and Rey, where Luke defeats Snoke, and Rey escapes setting up the next episode, but does more damage to Kylo and Luke in the process (maybe cuts off his OTHER hand)... setting up the next episode. What didn’t make sense is that Rey is more powerful than Kylo, and Snoke controlled Rey, yet Kylo killed Snoke.... the A=B & B=C, A=C logic didn’t play out here & who the hell was Snoke anyway and if he was the supreme leader, why was he so easily defeated?


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