How Yoda tricked Luke in The Last Jedi

Dec 10, 2020
hpow rey and yoda tricked luke in the last jedi

Take you to him, I will

When we first met Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, we had no idea who or what he was. We quickly learned he was a fun loving trickster with a sense of adventure.

And then he got serious with his 'Do or do not' pearls of wisdom.

We loved him and he became part of Star Wars royalty, in a fan sense.

So for this viewer, it was a genuine delight when he cameo-ed in The Last Jedi and was voiced again by Frank Oz.

We got to see happy and fun Yoda rather than "fear leads to hate" Yoda and it was a treat!

We first meet Yoda again as he watches Luke walk up the Ach-to Island steps with the intention of burning the Force tree and the Jedi 'bibles'. Luke changes his mind on the book burning so Yoda (as a Force ghost!) zapps some lightning down and does the job himself. 

Luke, having changed his mind, tries to retrieve the books but Yoda then prevents him by further bursting the tree on fire. 

It was a powerful moment.

Even though Luke was a grand old Jedi, Master Yoda was still teaching him lessons. And the one Yoda was imparting was that he had to let go of the Jedi. 

Strong stuff. 

But that's not the trick Yoda pulled on Luke.

While Luke tried to rescue the books that had been safely looked after on the Island since the Jedi began, Yoda intoned gravely:

“Wisdom they held, but that library contained nothing that the girl Rey does not already possess.”

It was a line designed to say to Luke, at face value, that the books no longer mattered with the implication being that the time of Jedi was over.

And Luke appeared to accept that. Well, he had no choice as the tree exploded.

But cut to the last scene on the Millennium Falcon after our heroes are rescued by Chewbacca and Rey. As Finn opens the drawer to get a blanket for Rose, what was in there?

Yes, the Jedi books.

Rey had ALREADY stolen them from Luke before he wanted to burn the tree down.

It puts Yoda's words to Luke in a whole new light. While the conversation was about helping Luke to reconcile his part in things  (letting go), Yoda was also helping sett up Rey as the new hope for the Galaxy.

Brilliant writing by Rian Johnson!

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  1. Do you even realize how insulting the symbolism of burning the Force tree down is in Asia. Think Bodhi tree. Rian Johnson is not an intellegent writer or racist. Either option is not good.


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