27 questions about The Last Jedi plot holes (or odd plot choices)

Dec 15, 2017
last jedi plot holes list

Here's a list of questions we had about the plot holes and failings of The Last Jedi

  1. What happened to DJ? How did he know what Holodo's plan was? Did he hear Poe Dameron speak of it? 
  2. Why has no one ever driven a hyperspace device into any ships before a la Holdo? Seems like this would have been thought of before.... (Do you agree Admiral Akbar should done it?)
  3. Why was Rose so stupid in letting Finn live which meant certain death for the others? Shure, she fell in love him with but it all felt wrong and entirely selfish.
  4. Why did Holdo simply not tell Poe Dameron of her plan to get to Crait? It wasn't need to know situation!
  5. Why did they kill off Snoke before we learned anything about his character? That said, it was an awesome trick Kylo pulled over him.
  6. Why did General Hux not send Star Destroyers AHEAD of the Rebel Fleet to flank them? They could have easily zipped into hyperspace with a strong gist of where they would be. 
  7. Why did Luke want to kill Kylo back when Luke was training him? It's simply out of character for ROTJ Luke. Have a damn chat about it first with his mother at least? 
  8. Where the heck are the Knights of Ren? 
  9. What was Luke's third lesson to Rey? 
  10. Why did Rian Johnson make Luke so snarky? (This has grown on me however...)
  11. How did Snoke and Palpatine never bump into each other? Or did they?
  12. Why did Yoda look so freakin' weird? (He was pretty cool though!)
  13. How the heck do bombs 'drop' in space? Edit: With this power: 
    how do the bombs drop in the last jedi on the dreadnaught
  14. What on earth was the 4 boobed beast that Luke milked doing in the movie? Green milk eh.
  15. Why did Leia make that joke about her hair with Luke? So out of place? No, it was probably a direct call back to when Han Solo mentioned Leia had changed her hair when they reunited in The Force Awakens? 
  16. Why was there not a real light saber battle?
  17. What happened to the line "I've got a bad feeling about this"? Apparently BB-8 says the famous line somewhere....
  18. Why does Luke actually die? At one point Kylo says to Rey that the exertion of their contact would kill her - was this some foreshadowing by Rian Johnson?
  19. Why did Phasma have to go out so cheaply? They've made her new Boba Fett. Well no body spied her body so she might not be dead...
  20. How can Kylo Ren stop laser blasts in mid air with the Force but struggle so much with Snoke's Praetorian Guards?
  21. Do we really need a love triangle with Finn, Rey and Rose? We did have a wee one in Empire for a while (When Leia kissed Luke!)
  22. Why make it look like the Resistance are bad guys for buying X-Wings from weapons manufacturers? How the heck are they supposed to RESIST without guns and ships? There's no grey here, it's dark side versus light. 
  23. Why did they not give the Holdolo character role to Admiral Ackbar? Would have been a grand finale to the character. 
  24. Is it ironic that Rose's sister did a better job than her? She at least succeeded in her mission. 
  25. Rey going into the dark side of the Island made no damn sense. Right? Oh wait are you telling us she is in charge of her own destiny Rian?
  26. How did Kylo Ren not figure out that Luke was a projection on Crait? He had a brown beard for goodness sake. Oh and a saber that he and Ren fought over an hour or so ago. He was clearly blinded by his rage which is ironic because he had just be lecturing Rey to let the past go, kill it if you have to.. oh wait, maybe that's what he was doing.


  1. Nice post. I'll try to comment on it by answering some of the questions.

    1. Who knows? Random alien dude who's basically an extra.
    2. DJ was pretty pointless in the long run. No payoff for his character.
    3. Because its mass-suicide. There were many people on that ship.
    4. The others dying didn't seem to have much to do with Rose saving Finn.
    5. Drama. Tension.
    6. Because it was right for the Kylo character and the story. Snoke is a very minor character, sadly.
    7. Maybe they didn't have any more? I dunno.
    8. It is out of character. That's why he abandoned himself on an island in shame for six years.
    9. The group of people in Rey's Force-vision? Who knows. That scene in the rain hasn't happened yet.
    10. Sometimes old people get snarky. My grandma is pretty snarky sometimes.
    11. What? We literally know nothing about Snoke. He certainly could have!
    12. I thought Yoda looked like how he did in ESB and ROTJ.
    13. Good question. Magnets? Energy thrusters?
    14. That creature was hanging out, getting a tan. Didn't see it when I visited Skellig Michael tho.
    15. Why did Leia make that joke about her hair with Luke? So out of place.
    16. No where in the story called for one. No one's gonna write a movie just so a lightsaber battle fits in somewhere. That's bad storytelling.
    17. I know, right? I feel like Poe could have dropped that sometime.
    18. It's explained in the movie. "What are you doing, this could kill you." I think Kylo says it to Rey when they are connecting.
    19. I hope Phasma doesn't "almost die" at the end of each movie.
    20. There were no laser blasts in the area. We saw in TFA he's not that great with a lightsaber, as he got decimated by Rey.
    21. Finn/Rey seemed platonic to me. Also, Finn/Rose seemed very platonic until the kiss. Zero romantic chemistry either way.
    22. I didn't think that at all when I saw the scene. I thought it was about the manufacturers don't play sides.
    23. Because Akbar is a nice guy. They point was to introduce a new character so the audience wouldn't know to trust her.
    24. Better job? Like, pilot is a better job than a technician? Or do you mean performances of the actors. I dunno. Thought both actresses gave great performances.
    25. Yeah probably. A theme of the movie.
    26. The last time Kylo Ren saw Luke, he had a brown beard. They didn't know he went grey. I'd go grey on a freezin Irish island.
    27. Because Luke wasn't actually there, and he didn't have a green saber.

    1. I absolutely love how you literally answered all the writers questions. No offense intended to the writer, but I am just disappointed in articles that slay away at these kinds of movies. I mean someone is so upset that a character made a reference about her hair or "How bombs drop in space" that it must be a "question" or "plot hole" in an article? That's just down right silly to me and screams "Millennial". These people shoot lasers from spacecraft's that zip around in space and they can lift off from the ground and get through the atmosphere in a matter of seconds; you don't think they figured out how to drop bombs in 0 gravity??? Yikes. It's a movie for crying out loud; one that may NEVER succeed the originals. But lets be a bit more mature about what we consider "plotholes" or "questions we need answered.

    2. I just don't understand why the First Order fighters and bombers stopped DESTROYING the Resistance ships. Hux saying something like "Get the fighters back here, we can't cover them with our big ships," was completely idiotic. They had destroyed all the Resistance fighters already and blown up the bridge. Why stop blowing things up? Why not just end the Resistance right then and there? I'd love to be given an explanation as to why I'm naive or wrong, as I love Star Wars and really wanted to like the movie, but this was too big of a deal breaker for me.

    3. Better explanation of 3: there are a bunch of ways of stopping people from going to hyperspeed, for example a tractor beam. That's why you have to "plot a course" to hyperspeed, so you dont get pulled into a star/large planet/black hole. Gravity will pull ships out of hyperspeed, and ships have been designed that can project fields to prevent jumps to lightspeed. However, the bigger the ship, the more energy required to stop it. The ships Snoke sent weren't designed to stop large ships from going to hyperspeed, just track them. However, tractor beams can stop smaller ships from going to hyper speed. So you can't just send an X-wing into a cruiser everytime you're losing, they can divert some power to hit it with a burst from a tractor beam and bam, no lightspeed.

    4. Maybe he wanted some of them to get away so he could find their big base, force them to hop around until the link up with the large navy?

  2. 1. Who's to say we won't see him and Billy Dean Williams in Episode 9?
    2. Who's to say we won't see DJ in episode 9? I think the point of a second movie in a trilogy to partly to answer questions and create new ones.
    3. Because it's suicide and I imagine cruisers are pricey. Makes about as much tactical and economic sense as us using air craft carriers to suicidally ram stuff.
    4. Rose saving Finn had zero effect on the survival of the rebels if she believed he was going to stupidly die without accomplishing anything.
    5. My take: She wanted to put him in his place.
    6. I'm not convinced we won't learn more about Snoke before the end of Episode 9 while learning more about Kylo. But I'm also okay with him being a peripheral character - I like that they set up him to be the boss and then switched gears. It was a lot more interesting in how the plot developed than remaking 4-6.
    7. Star Wars physics has been inconsistent, adapting as the plot has needed it, since the beginning of the series. That ship has sailed. But the ship chase, I agree, lacked a lot of realism.
    8. People change.
    9. Hasn't happened yet?
    10. I personally always thought Luke Skywalker was annoying and snarky. It didn't seem out of character to me at all. He was very zen in Return in the Jedi - as we all would be coming back from Yoda camp. But at his core - the guy is kind of annoying and snarky. I'm a teacher - teaching certainly makes me snarky.
    11. Maybe they did.
    12. Cause he was CGI and not a puppet anymore. And it's yoda. And a "dead" yoda. He looks weird by default.
    13. Star Wars physics. If we start tearing things apart then we eventually arrive at people moving things with their mind, and the amazing luck of main characters to survive catastrophic attacks. But I'd say "dropping" was probably a figure of speech and those bombs were utilizing any number of other tracking technologies.
    14. They live there and produce milk? Really. This is bugging you?
    15. It was intimate and sweet. She was trying to focus on the reunion to spare him the inevitable apology for losing his shit and disappearing.
    16. Saving it for the climax in episode 9? I thought the fight with the red baddie's was cool.
    17. Lost on the editing room floor? Or they're tired of recycling things.
    18. Exhaustion?
    19. I hope Phasma isn't dead. She's fabulous.
    20. Force physics. ie suspended disbelief.
    21. I'm not convinced there is a love triangle. In fact, I'm not convinced of who will end up with who or whether anyone will end up with anyone. I really hope Finn and Rey are good friends. I'd be satisfied with that.
    22. This was to set up DJ as an ambiguous character with gray morals (I suspect) and to justify those gray morals. It was a scene to explain his later betrayal.
    23. They wanted a character we didn't know so we wouldn't know what she would do.
    24. I disagree. Kelly Marie Tran was lovely.
    25. The series has always set up the dark side to be not only attractive but prone to feed on weakness... like desperately wanting to know who your parents are.
    26. I'm not sure Kylo Ren has EVER been portrayed as particularly brilliant. But he likely was distracted by his hatred and his worst fears combined.
    27. Because it was an illusion. He's partial to blue.

    1. Thanks for your extensive and considered reply!

    2. On 6. We really didn't get to see any of Palpatine's back story until the prequels. So let's not be too hasty on why we're not seeing Snoke's backstory. This could be revealed at a later time. A more interesting question: who is he, really?

  3. I really liked the move but number 3 really did bother me in retrospect. If it was that easy to send a ship into hyperspace as a weapon to destroy larger ships, why spend decades building deathstars? Much easier and cheaper to make unmanned drone ships to destroy any number of things, including mountains with big metal doors.

    And how is it the first order was so surprised at this tactic? It would have had to be used throughout history, and for that matter, a defense devised for it.

    As far as #7 goes, although it wasn't the lame explanation given in the film, the slow pursuit technique used netted zero loses for the first order (or should have without the hyperspace incident above.) Probably no other method would have been as tactically sound. Perhaps the first order cares more about their troops lives then the empire? Lol

  4. I think no.15 was a throwback to the moment when Leia met Han in The Force Awaken

  5. Another question: How did Rey get off of Snoke's ship after it split in two? Somehow she mysteriously shows up on the Millenium Falcon in the next sequence. There is a continuity issue there unless I missed something while Fin was fighting with Phasma.

    1. Hux said after she disappeared from Snoke's chamber, that "The girl stole Snoke's shuttle.", or something like that.

  6. Yeah, someone from the first order, or it may have been kylo, mentioned she stole smokes personal escape shuttle, or something like that

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  8. 1. Probably yes since he's not there at the end.
    2. He might be back for the next one bc it seems he got away.
    3. That's suicide. Why would they harm the life of the whole crew for that?
    4. Bc Finn stupidly wanted to sacrifice himself bc he hates the First Order so much (I can't let them win he said). That action was wasteful, there's no guaranty he'll success anw. Most importantly, it would make no sense on all have been built up for Poe who learn the lesson that being heroic is not always that right choice. (He pulled the mission off remember).
    5. Because he's done f*cked up and she didn't want another hot mess to get involved.
    6. Hopefully they'll have something explain in ep 9 but another way to understand this is they want to focus on Kylo evolution (Full fill his dark side destiny = strike down his master like Sidious), pitching him as the big bad instead and avoiding an one dimensional, CGI final boss.
    7. My take on this is when Snoke ship was hit, it's too late cuz the rebel reached the planet already. Call it inconsistency if you have too.
    8. He said Snoke has already had Ben, he thought it was too late and turn on his saber in a second of instinct, afraid that Ben'll become another Vader. At the end he refused to do it though but Ben woke up and shit got real.
    9. Probably they are those students that left with Kylo after destroyed the temple.
    10. He's always been like that in the OT. He just didn't show it that much in ROTJ.
    11. They might have.
    12. He is in the puppet form like how Luke knew him. If they do him CGI Luke will be like who the hell is this guy. It's gonna be just like how George Lucas CG Hayden Christensen in ROTJ later on which was weird.
    13. Again Star Wars physics it's not to be taken seriously eg: not sound in space. Or you can consider that the First Order ship is a huge mass there for it generated a huge suction force (remember the big G in physics) that the bombs got drawn to. But yeah, Star Wars is inconsistent in this aspect.
    14. He drank blue milk in the OT, he can drink it now. Another throw back I guess.
    15. She tried to be sweet and lightened about it. Btw in Leia reunion with Han in TFA she said the same thing as well. Check it out.
    16. There is a light saber battle. Just no light saber duel.
    17. BB-8 said it at the beginning when Poe about the pull the stunt on Hux. Leia said she agreed with the droid. It's trippy I know.
    18. Logically, he exhausted from using the force. Story wise, it is ok for him to go otherwise It doesnt make sense for Rey to leave the Resistance for Luke in ep 9 after just coming back to them (He can't physically leave the island so she has to come for him). Rey had the Jedi books and can communicate him through force ghost to complete her training anw.
    19. She's cool and the new Bobba. Tbf Bobba died pretty cheaply in ROTJ. I'd love it if she survived though.
    20. They have to be pretty good to become Snoke's bodyguard. Expert in martial arts.
    21. Rey friendzoned Finn. No love triangle.
    22. They're showing the other side of the paper and it makes sense. And it make sense for DJ character as a guy in the middle. Also, the message in this movie is also that to achieve balance you need to take into account both light and dark, not just one side. It's not just simple good vs evil.
    23. They need to create conflict for Poe character. Ackbar is probably too used to Poe and would just hang around with Poe instead of being taken back by him.
    24. They both tried their best and were willing to take risks with their lives. Why so unfair?
    25. It supposed to be ambiguous. She's attracted to it bc of curiosity which is one of the darkside traits and desperate to know who are her parents, tried to hang-on to the past.
    26. That's the point. His hatred towards Luke blinds him.
    27. He wasn't there. Duh.
    That's my thought trying to make sense all these, please give yours.

  9. Nien numb lived. He was on the falcon at the end. Random extra? He may be the only one from the original trilogy who lives

  10. 3 even the millineum falcon has jtl that was the biggest plot hole in the entire franchise. It would have solved the death star situation in og trilogy. Even chewbacca has his hands on a wmd. 7 and 8 suck and I'm someone who liked phantom menace.

  11. The whole hyperspace thing. You see a resistance ship hyperspace into an empire ship at the end of rogue one and be destroyed. You need a large ship to do a large amount of damage.


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