Should we care who Rey's parents REALLY are?

May 15, 2019
who are rey's parents

The Force Awakens introduced us to Rey and she told us she had a 'big secret' about where she was from and who her parents where. 

She'd lived on Jakku waiting for years in vain for their return. 

The Force flash-back showed her with Ankar Plutt holding her back as a ship took off from Jakku, with apparently her parents inside. 

The Force Awakens set this up big time, it even included a flash back to young Rey seeing her parents leave Jakku.  

And then the questions began.

Was she a Solo?

A Kenobi?

A relative of Padme from Naboo?

Luke's offspring?

Well Kylo Ren gave Rey an answer in The Last Jedi which rejected pretty much every fan theory there was. 

As Kylo is doing his emo best to gaslight Rey, he told her that he knew her parents were simply junk traders who sold her off for drinking money and now lay dead in a pauper’s grave on Jakku.

Rey seemed to agree.

This scene was intended to crush Rey's spirit and help make up her mind to join Kylo as he takes over The First Order, because his 8 pack ab set was clearly not compelling enough.

It's also intended to play into the thematic narrative of The Last Jedi that one doesn't need to be a Skywalker or from 'noble' heritage to be a world changer. 

Greatness can come from anywhere. 

Even slaves. 

Even the child of two drunks. 

So scriptwriter Rian Johnson is telling us to let the past go or as Kylo said, "kill it if you have to" (not that he clearly could when he saw Luke turn up on Crait). 

That's if we take the story at face value though. 

Anakin Skywalker was actually The Chosen One. His being a slave had nothing to do with him. Greatness was apparently Forced on him. 

Can we trust what Ren told Rey?

If Rey's family are dead in a grave on Jakku, why did Rey never learn about this when she was on the plant. Sure, it's a big planet but if they returned to Jakku one would imagine they would return somewhere close to homebase? 

It's Star Wars right. 

How did Ren know they were in a grave. Did he use the Force to sense it? 

As a viewer, when he told Rey what he knew, I could not believe him because of the context he was saying it in. He was trying to break Rey and get her to join the dark side, a place where the truth is not often told. 

One suspects though, Rian has set the path for Rey now and that whatever ever happens in Episode IV, she will be doing it without any help from her parents. 

Still, she's got that first experience with Luke as a Force ghost in The Rise of Skywalker to look forward to!


The real mystery that will never be answered is whether Ray tested her water with a ph Meter on Jakku.

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