Jan 30, 2018

Subtle things you may have missed in the Han "Solo" film

Things you may have missed in the Han Solo film
A leaked advertising campaign?

Things you may have missed in the Han Solo film 

We must admit that our personal expectations for the quality 'Solo' film at this desk were not high.

We were initially not sure any one really wanted a Han Solo prequel film, and then when Miller and Lord were fired as directors one couldn't help but feel the film was going to be a bit of a disaster in in terms of quality, even if it was written by the legendary Lawrence Kasdan and son Jon. 

The addition of Academy Awarding winner Ron Howard being sent in to sort out the mess, did offer us an er... new hope.

But how wrong were we! 

Ron Howard has delivered a fine film and along with it a film with a strong plot and a whole lot of subtle detail that you might have missed on first viewing. 

Here's everything we could spot that you may have missed.

This is a place holder post until the Solo movie is released.

Did you see the dice in Han's land speeder? They are the ones that make it on to the Falcon. They become a minor plot point in The Last Jedi and can be seen a deleted scene of The Force Awakens.

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