The good, the bad and the ugly of The Last Jedi #spoilers

Dec 14, 2017

Following my first review of The Last Jedi, I thought I'd do a very spoilerly what worked for me and what did not.

Opinions may vary.

I'll update this as I muse on things.

The Good

The duality of Rey and Kylo Ren. While they were manipulated by the fantastic CGI version of Snoke, the reality of it was real for them - they have became the dark side and light sides of the Force. This movie is the anti-Return of the Jedi - Rey believed she could turn Kylo to the light, as Luke did Vader. The trouble for Rey was Kylo had plans to take on the world for himself, and after the brutal slaying of Snoke, he offered her the chance to join him - just as Vader did Luke in Empire.

At the start of the movie, Poe Dameron disobeys an order and saves the day somewhat and gets demoted for his trouble.

It was awesome.

Later in the finale, he leads the final desperate attack, only to realise that he must call off the attack as it is a suicide mission (like his attack on the Dreadnought was) and does so as he realises the lesson that Admiral Holdo had taught him.

Speaking of Holdo. Her character was played most excellently well by Laura Dern. Her character went through some well played is she a good gal or bad gal moments. That said, her character should have been played by Admiral Ackbar.
It would have been amazing.

I loved the fake out that Poe thought Holodo was entering the bridge to capture  but it was Leia who then shot him with a gun set to stun - a blue shot - and a nice call back to the first and last time Leia used stun in ANH. 


Luke was awesome, if a little too snarky.

When R2D2 showed Luke the famous old hologram of Leia seeking help from General Kenobi to try and convince him to help Leia and the Rebels.

Leia using the Force (even though it looked a little naff)

Luke's final look at the twin sun sunset. Probably the most fitting end a character could have in the Star Wars universe. 

DJ - he was cool, reliably played.

Hux was a delight - his over the top character is a lot of fun. Adrian Edmunson was an excellent foil to hux and his facial responses to the shennaigans going on around him were superb.

Finn's heroic choice at the end to sacrifice himself was quite gallant and his strongest character moment across his two movies. Shame Rose decided to fuck that up. 

Yoda turned up as his fun old self, the kind you'll remember from Empire and Jedi. His wise words imparted to Luke the strength he needed to get of his butt and playball. 

The Bad

All of that Canto Bight nonsense. The Casino looked quite lavish and featured a fun array of interesting looking humans and aliens however the whole moral preaching about the Falthier animals was to simple and too on the nose. 

And that chase / escape on the horses? It felt like some magical mystery tour via the lens of The Dark Crystal. A waste of time.

While the death of Snoke was clever and Rey and Kylo's duel with Snoke's Red Guards was epic and will go into history as one of the great Star Wars saber fights, the death of Snoke was a waste of a character. We learned nothing about Snoke, where he came from, what made him tick. Instead he suffers the fate of Darth Maul before him - a great character killed off too soon. 

When the first order fleet was bombarding the shielded Rebel, their shots arced. This is space, they should fire straight.

Yoda's CGI was terrible. How the heck did they let that pass for a cameo?

Why did Holdolo not tell Poe Dameron her plan? Kinda stupid. 

The Ugly

Why would Luke want to kill young Ren? It makes NO SENSE, he didn't even try to redeem him, as he did his father and Ren wasn't even that far along!

Luke projecting himself across space to confront Kylo was a huge disappointment, mostly because it was painfully obvious what was going on when Luke turned up with a brown beard, the same as he had when he last saw Kylo. And then, he used the blue sabre! Luke has a GREEN sabre for Snoke's sake. 

What a let down.

And then Luke dies due to the effort.

What a let down.

Rose. What a pointless character. She decided to let Finn live which meant certain death for the remaining rebels. She had no idea Luke was going to save them. It was an utterly stupid moment.  

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