Apr 21, 2018

The Han 'Solo' film's call backs to other Star Wars films

Han Solo's call backs and references to the other Star Wars films

Even though it's a prequel, the Solo film directed by Ron Howard, made plenty of call backs and references to the other films in the Star Wars franchise.

Where Rogue One is a direction companion film to A New Hope, Solo has no direct links to the other movies so the call backs rely on the myth and mystery around the character of Han Solo and of course Lando who was introduced in The Empire Strikes Back.

First up, if you were wondering about the comparison between the original Han Solo as played by Harrison Ford and newcomer to the role, Alden Ehrenreich then check out this cheeky grin:

Here's the list of call backs and references to the other films.

  1. Did you notice the dice hanging in Han's land speeder? They are the same ones that make it on to the Falcon. They become a minor plot point in The Last Jedi and can be seen a deleted scene from The Force Awakens.
  2. After knocking the chasing TIE fighter out of the sky with Falcon, Han says to his fellow companions, "I thought we were in trouble there for just a second but it's fine, we're fine". This is a call back to when Han has a conversation via a comm channel in the Prisoner Block and he say's "we're fine everything's fine how are you" which then led to the great Han Solo quote, "it was a boring conversation anyway!"
  3. Qi'ra's red cape design style has been seen before - a certain person who was hesitant to take on the Empire in Rogue One... Vasp Vaspar. Heck, the cape could have been made for Rogue One and recycled into the Solo movie.
  4. The "Punch it" quote (or Push it as some trailers had it) is a classic reference to the famous line. 

qi'ra costume cape compared to rogue one Vasp Vaspar

And lets not forget Chewbacca...

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