The 9 clues that Luke was not on Crait when he faced Kylo Ren

Aug 17, 2019
luke battling kylo ren in the last jedi

When Luke Skywalker appears on Crait, many viewers were surprised as he had apparently decided to stay on Achto Island and he had no way off the planet as his ride in the form of the Falcon had taken off and his X-Wing was under several feet of salt water and had been for years.

So many viewers would have asked how was he there?

The key answer was immediately obvious (though many viewers did not understand they were not seeing the real Luke) - and that was his beard and hair were suddenly brown when a matter of hours ago, he was quite the silver fox!

There was no way this was the real Luke but for those that didn't get the ruse straight away, director and script writer Rian Johnson added several other clues to help the viewer work this out before the big reveal by Luke.

Here they are:
  • Luke's feet do not leave a red foot print on the salty surface but Kylo's do.
  • Luke's feet movement makes no sound. 
  • No ash or dust settles on his person. And when he brushes some off his shoulder, there's actually nothing there. 
  • No ash or dust settles on his saber BUT it does on Kylo Ren's.
  • Leia appears to understand what is happening when Luke places his hand on hers. This is a very subtle one and is perhaps some what arguable.
  • Luke's saber is the actually same as the one that Rey and Kylo just Force broke on Snoke's ship. This however might not actually be a clue for Kylo but it is for the viewer. Why not a clue for Kylo? Rian Johnson has pointed out that "the truth is, we see the lightsaber split in half -- Kylo sees a blinding flash of light and is knocked unconscious, and then Rey takes the lightsaber away before he wakes up."
  • Luke is younger looking with a brown beard - the same look as when he and Kylo were face to face at the Jedi Academy. 
  • There blades never actually touch. If Luke had of allowed this to happen, his ruse would be up.
  • And finally, how did Luke get into the cave? There was no entrance for him, other than the closed front door.
The real question should be way did Kylo not see these signs and figure out Luke's trick for himself? 

He was blinded by his fury and anger. 

Even though he told Rey to 'let go of the past', he also told her to kill it if she had to. So, given Luke was the (dis)embodiment of Kylo past, he had to kill him and Luke's deliberate appearance played into that.

There's a lot of other cool things that Rian put into the movie. There's plenty of subtly scripted moments, Yoda's trick on Luke and plenty of great call backs to the past Star Wars films.

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