Apr 16, 2018

11 legit reasons to look forward to the Han Solo movie

Legit reasons to watch a Star Wars movie?

You don't need a reason to watch a Star Wars movie, because Star Wars. 

But if you did NEED some reasons to watch the Han Solo prequel, here's a few:

We gotta start with Alden Ehrenerich as Han Solo 

Han Solo is dead. 

Thanks Ben. 

Han Solo is alive!

Thanks Alden. 

Does Star Wars really need a fifth prequel film?

Can't we just keep going forward with the tale?

Whether or not you care about a prequel tale, I'm damn keen to see a new version of Han Solo, just to learn a little bit more of the character' origin. 

Donald Glover

sabacc game han solo film

This man appears to be even more Lando Calrissian than Lando Calrissian himself! 

Glover has got Billy Dee William's character DOWN. 

We will finally get to see a real game of Sabacc in a film. And it's probably THE game everyone has wondered about for years, the one when Han beat Lando for it.

There's a character called Scissors Thermpunch 

therm scissorpunch han solo

That name. 

It's just perfect. 

We bet Thermpunch doesn't even say a single word but will become one of those 'cult' back ground characters that everyone talks about for years to come. 

We think Therm is a direct nod to the 'prawn' in District 9. 

I'm also giving him a nickname of  'Noodles'.

The Falcon soars

millennium falcon solo movie

There's no punch without the Millennium Falcon and it's going to be a central plot point given the Sabacc game. 

We're dying to see the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy in a new context and without all the modifications that Han made by the time we caught up with him in A New Hope. 

Speaking of the Falcon:

We may get to see the Kessel Run

The run that brought the term parsecs to the wider world has been a source of intrigue since Han Solo first boasted to Obi-Wan about it in the Cantina. Sure, the books have covered it since but the general movie going audience doesn't care and anyways, those tales are no longer canon. 

Chewie's got a girl friend?

There's milk and cookies. 

Beer and hangovers. 

Snakes and Ladders. 

Han and Chewie. 

For me, there's no Han without Chewie. 

There is a Chewie with out Han though...

It looks like this movie is going to cover the time when Chewie and Han become friends. While Chewie stay with Han due to a Life Debt as per the yore of old or will the relationship be cemented in some other way? 

We've never learned much about Chewbacca. The infamous Holiday Special showed he had a family on Kashyyyk and a son called Lumpy. 

Now, the trailer shows us that Chewie appears to have a girl friend. Lover? Wife? Who knows but we think this scene is going to steal the whole damn movie:

chewbacca han solo movie kiss with malla

Enfys Nest and the standoff

This character simply looks to be some kind of bad ass space cowboy. 

Except we know Nest is actually a female

So we know she's some kind of bad ass space cowgirl who is in charge the pirate gang, the Cloud Riders.

Will Han shoot first?

This shot of Han Solo reaching for his holstered gun is just a great homage to so many Western films (and they themselves helped inspire Star Wars - see The Searchers). 

We just can't wait to see who shoots first. 

han solo western standoff enfys nest

I like Captain Solo where he is

Word on the street is that our favourite giant slug Jabba the Hutt will be making an appearance. 

We pick it's going to be at the end of the movie once Han has got his shit sorted and is looking for his first smuggling gig. 

Maybe we'll get to see a lil bit of of Salacious B. Crumb too.... maybe eating a droid's face off?

Ron Howard

This guy has made some great movies. Apollo 13, Backdraft, Cinderella Man plus the classic Cocoon. Given the Lucas connection to Howard, it's like life has come full circle. 

If you were not aware, Ron Howard starred in George Lucas's very first film, American Graffiti which has become a bit of a cult classic. Lucas has made a few of those eh? Howard later became a director in his own right and directed the Lucasfilm produced Willow. 

If that's not enough of a connection to the Star Wars realm, there was also this classic time he defended Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace (after having declined to direct it!)

It's like Howard was destined to direct a Star Wars film, and given the way in which he came to direct the film, we hope it's a case of, cometh the hour, cometh the Howard. 

There's gonna be some sweet quotes

Han Solo's list of classic quotes is long and iconic. Will "push it" and "Well what would you know" become part of the Star Wars lexicon as much as "I know"? Time will tell. 

Our wish list for the Solo film

  • A fleeting cameo of Boba Fett
  • R2 somehow randomly shows up
  • We get some insight into the Emperor taking over the universe and the ramifications of that on Han
  • We spy some of Darth Vader's bounty hunters from Empire, especially IG-88. That metal monster would be all killer.

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