Close Encounters of the Third Kind's R2D2 Easter Egg

Aug 3, 2018
Keen Star Wars fans will probably know of the famous deal between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in which they swapped 'points' on Star Wars and Close Encounters. It led to Speilberg making millions of dollars off Star Wars.

Lucas and Spielberg were actually very good friends. Speilberg is known to have given Lucas his thoughts on rough cuts of ANH and of course they actually went on to make four Indiana Jones films together.

Given their friendship, Speilberg put a Star Wars Easter egg in his movie.

It's upside down R2D2 on the space ship that arrives at the end of the film:

r2d2 easter egg in close encounters

Pretty cool.

Spielberg went on to make several Star Wars references in his films with Lucas.

The first Indiana film, Raiders of the Lost Act also had a sneaky C3PO and R2D2 hidden in the hieroglyphs.

The name of the club in Temple of Doom was 'Club Obi Wan' and in E.T. a child was dressed as Yoda for Halloween. Lucas returned the nod in The Phantom Menace when he showed a whole group of E.T. in the Senate!

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