Solo movie script confirms Chewbacca's father's Life Day name is canon

Sep 18, 2018
what is chewbacca's fathers name

Have you ever seen the infamous made for television Star Wars film, known to many as the Holiday Special?

It's a turd of a thing.

Absurd and ridiculous and features crazy moments such as a sex simulation hologram and Carrie Fisher singing a song called 'Life Day' to the tune of Star Wars. 

The plot revolves around Han and Chewbacca visiting Chewbacca's home planet Kashyyyk so Chewie may celebrate Life Day with his family. 

And so we met them. 

Turns out Chewie has a son called Lumpy and wife called Mallatobuck and a father called Attichitcuk.

Now let's cut to the Han Solo prequel where Han has befriended Chewbacca and they do their introductions. When Chewie growls in name in his native language of Shyriiwook, Han replies that Chewie will need a nick name because's he's not saying 'that' every time.

But what is that? In the theatre, I just laughed because I thought Han was meaning the word Chewbacca. 

Great joke writer Jon Kasdan. 

But it turns out to be an even better joke than I first thought. 

Kasdan has gone full Star Wars nerd and taken the name Attichitcuk from the Star Wars Holiday Special and used it as part of Chewbacca's introduction. 

Han: "So what's your name?"

Chewbacca: "Chewbacca, son of Attichitcuk"

So that's that then, no matter what George Lucas thinks of the Holiday Special (legend has it he bought as many copies as he could when he found them before the internet age), the name is canon.

Fun fact: the special was the first place the character of Boba Fett was actually introduced! 

Believe it or not, Fett featured in a cartoon segment prior to his mainstream appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. 

If you think think solo scriptwriters Jon and Lawrence Kasdan did a bit of a cheat here, remember that Rian Johnson, got away with such a move in The Last Jedi when he scripted BB8 to be the one to say "I've got a bad feeling about this" in his robot language.

This was a pretty cool bit of trivia - check out how much lore the Kasdans packed into Solo. 

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