The Coppola Connection to Star Wars

Nov 3, 2018
francis ford coppola star wars

How Francis Ford Coppola helped Star Wars

The story of how George Lucas came up in the world of filmmaking is the stuff of legend.

It's not simply a tail of writing what would become an Oscar-nominated script and it getting picked up by a studio.

It's a tale of hard work and a happy co-existence with supportive and like-minded friends who banded together to make movies.

A key person who helped lay the land for George Lucas to make movies was the determined Francis Ford Coppola. By the time Lucas met Francis in the late 1960's, Coppola was well established as busy film maker.

Lucas first worked for Coppola on the 1969 film, The Rain People and this led to a lifelong friendship between the two.

Determined filmmakers on the rise, the Coppola Connection to Star Wars began in earnest when Coppola produced Lucas' first film THX 1138. It proved to be a cult hit over time (especially when reconsidered after Star Wars blew up) laid the foundation for Luca's path to Star Wars.

Before that happened, Lucas directed American Graffiti which was again produced by Coppola.

And then there is Apocalypse Now.

The making of Apocalypse Now is perhaps almost as legendary as the movie itself but that's a tale told elsewhere. The key thing here is that Lucas was involved in helping John Milius develop his idea for the film with the intention of directing it. History shows things went the other way where Coppola directed it himself, leaving Lucas to focus on Star Wars.

It's important to understand the influence Apocalypse Now had on George Lucas. This film was about the Vietnam War, of which Lucas did not support. What George did was carry over the concept and in many ways, Star Wars is an allegory for the Vietnam War. Think of as the Rebels being represented by the Viet Cong and the Evil Empire, America.

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Here's some other Coppola Connections to Star Wars

  • By the time Hayden Christensen was cast in Attack of the Clones, it is arguable that he was probably most well known for his part in director Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides. Sofia, of course, being Francis' daughter.
  • Apocalypse Now is notable for Harrison Ford having a short role at the beginning of the film as Colonel Lucas, so named for George.
  • Lucas has said that he put some of Franci's 'swagger' into the character of Han Solo
  • Coppola's son Gian-Carlo was name-checked in The Phantom Menace for the Naboo vehicle called the Gian Speeder.
  • George Lucas did second unit directing on The Godfather
  • Sofia did a cameo role as Padme's handmaiden Saché in The Phantom Menace:

sofia coppola phantom menace

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