Iron Man cameo confirmed in The Mandalorian

Dec 25, 2018
So not quite the Iron Man but an iron man non-the-less will appear in The Mandalorian.

Writer and producer Jon Favreau (who directed the original Iron Man) posted this picture of IG-88 to his Instagram account over Christmas. Given he's been using this account to show images of props from the show, we can be fairly confident IG-88 will be making an appearance:

ig-88 assassin droid mandalorian

In terms of the films, the robot was briefly seen in The Empire Strikes Back as an assassin hired by Darth Vader to find the crew of The Millenium Falcon as was never seen again. 

The character was utilized in books, comics and the video game Shadows Of The Empire.

We loved his adventure in Tales of the Bounty Hunters in which, long story short, he manages to take over the Death Star...

ig-88 made from the chalmun cantina

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