Amazing cosplay from Star Wars Celebration 2019

Apr 14, 2019
emperor palpatine costume cosplay

The 2019 Star Wars Celebration Weekend bought you The Rise of Skywalker but it was the fans who brought the amazing cosplay.

From Emperor Palpatine to Snoke's Red Guards to a Gamorrean Guard from Jedi, they nailed them all. The quality and inventiveness of cosplayers continues to amaze me - never seen a Force Ghost Luke before...

ashoka cosplay costume

force ghost luke cosplay
Love that Force Ghost!

gamorrean guard jedi cosplay
Try not to get choked by Luke mate

pink twilek cosplay dress
Pretty in Pink

queen of naboo prequel cosplay
Amazing Padme, Queen of Naboo costume

Saw and mace windu cosplay
Imagine a fight between the three of these!

No match for Rey...

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