Why we think that Death Star wreckage is on Endor

Apr 13, 2019
death star rise of skywalker

EDIT: It's not Endor. Just another moon from that system called Kef Bir.

In the teaser trailer of The Rise of Skywalker, Poe, Rey and Finn and their buddies arrive at an ocean where they see what appears to be the 'firing' part of a Death Star that has crashed into an ocean.

The question quickly becomes, is this the Death Star from A New Hope or Death Star II from Return of the Jedi?

So we are talking Yavin or Endor here?

When people talk of Endor, they talk of the Forest Moon of Endor. This always confused me - was Endor the planet and the events of ROTJ occurred on it's moon?

Who cares, in the film all we saw was the forest moon of Endor:

Have a good look at the Battle of Endor.

What do you see? 

Of course you see Lando flying the Falcon as he leads the charge against the Death Star II. 

What else? 

Oh, you see Endor below. 

And it's clear, it has green and blue areas. 

Blue meaning water. Meaning oceans. 

And what was that Death Star in?

An ocean. 

Yep, we are pretty sure our heroes are standing on the forest moon of Endor in front of the Death Star from Return of the Jedi. 

This also means we are getting Ewoks!

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  1. Agreed. This is surely the second Death Star. Palpatine is now the overarching villain of all three trilogies which I think is awesome.


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