What does 'The Rise of Skywalker' mean?

Jan 25, 2020
rise of skywalker

What does 'The Rise of Skywalker' film title mean?

Is it Luke's growth as a Jedi in the Force?

Is it revealed that Rey is a Skywalker and is Luke's son? We think that's a red herring still

Leia's lost daughter?

Or is it a reference to Kylo Ren, being of the Skywalker lineage?

Or maybe the title refers to those who use the Force under Luke's Force Ghost tutelage? Or those that follow his ideology are known as Skywalkers?


It is a little more simple than that.

The Rise of Skywalker ends with Rey, killing her GRANDFATHER, Sheev Palpatine (AKA The Emperor AKA Darth Sidous.

The Skywalker line has ended with the death of Princess Leia and Ben Skywalker.

Rey, who was once 'no one', takes on the mantle of Skywalker as her last name.

One could also argue that Ben climbing out of the pit and in his last act of life, he saved Rey, this was a literal Skywalker rising.

The film finishes with Ray visiting the original Skywalker family moisture farm and burying Leia and Luke's lightsabers in the sand.

She is then accosted by a traveller who demands her name - to with she reveals she has taken on the Skywalker family name - as she does do the Force Ghosts of Luke and Leia overlook, signalling they are happy with her decision to carry the mantle of the Skywalkers.

It's not like Ben Skywalker can eh?

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