The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

May 4, 2019
the art of rise of skywalker cover

The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Publisher: Abrams
Author: Phil Szostak
Art: Lucasfilm Art Department
Format: Art of
Description: The official behind-the-scenes concept, production, and post-production art for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Go inside the creative process behind the most anticipated film of the century. The latest trilogy in the Star Wars film series brings the Skywalker Saga to a close and The Art of The Rise of Skywalker will take readers into the creative process behind visualizing the epic worlds, creatures, characters, costumes, weapons and vehicles of the landmark conclusion more than 40 years in the making.

This book will be released shortly after the film's release so as to not cause any spoilers.

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  1. I love all the movies with Ray. I could watch the last two in the series several times and I don't even consider myself a huge fan. With that said, I will never forget being 11 years old and how impressive the first few were. Even adults were blown away with the special effects. We'd never seen any thing like it. The last few in the series with Ray have been just as satisfying.


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