Ewan McGregor confirmed as returning to Star Wars

Aug 23, 2019
ewan macgregor star wars

Edit: This has now been formally confirmed by Lucasfilm as happening!

Hello there.

Internet scuttle but is heavily reporting that  Ewan McGregor has signed a deal with Disney to return to the Obi-Wan Kenobi character once more.

McGregor famously played the Jedi Master three times in the Star Wars prequels, his turn in Revenge of the Sith is often considered one of the high points of the entire saga. 

The Return of Kenobi has been a long-held wish for many Star Wars fans. It was widely anticipated that the character would feature in a stand-alone film as part of the Star Wars anthology series when it was discovered that Stephen Daldry was prepping for an unannounced film

That work apparently was dropped when Solo didn't perform strongly at the box office (great film though!).

Maybe Disney was foxing after all as the Hollywood 'trade' sites are all now reporting that the deal is inked. 

With no formal announcement from Disney, we can only speculate if this role is for a film or television. 

Indeed, we await a public confirmation!

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