Cameos in The Mandalorian

Nov 14, 2019

Cameo appearances in The Mandalorian Season One

While some people have forecast The Death of Star Wars, Star Wars films have had plenty of cameos - some in-jokes such as directors turning up in shots or in world references, other actors just doing quick gigs and The Mandalorian show is no exception. 

Season One:

Episode One
  • MMA fighter Tait Fletcher, who you may recognise as the handlebar-mustached white supremacist from Breaking Bad, is the “Alpha Trawler” who complains about the Mandalorian spilling his drink before he gets his ass kicked.
  • Saturday Night Live's Horatio Sanz plays the first bounty, Mythro caught in the same bar as the Alpha Trawler (he's the blue guy).
  • The Ugnuat called Kuiil that helps the Mandalorian learn to right the Blerrg is voiced by Nick Nolte.
  • Emily Swallow voices the Armorer. 
  • Comedian Brian Posehn showed up. 

Episode Two

  • Nick Nolte continued to voice the Ugnaught, Kuiil

Episode Three

  • Notable for series creater and writer Jon Favreau's cameo as Paz Vizla. Vizla was the heavy duty Mandalorian who gave the Mando some heavy shade when he was getting his Beskar founded but came to his rescue at the end of the episode. 

Episode Four: Sanctuary

  • Ida Darvish plays the informative waitress that serves bone broth and is credited as Common House Proprietor. Darvish is better known for her role in Inferno and perhaps to fans of Frozen as Josh Gad's real life wife. 
  • Julia Jones plays Omer, the would be love interest.

Episode Five: The Gunslinger

  • Ming Na Wen takes an all to short turn as bounty hunter Fennic Shand. 
  • Amy Sedaris plays the space port mechanic, Peli Motto. 

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