How each plan hatched by a hero in The Empire Strikes Back failed

Nov 4, 2019
luke kissed by leia after shot

The Empire Strikes Back serves as the bridge episode of the original Star Wars trilogy.

It's the movie where the bad guys win. 

It's the part of the hero's journey where they find things not going to plan.

The monomyth

They suffer some adversity and a lot of heartbreak.

And boy, does Luke, Leia and Han sure suffer a little bit of adversity on their way through the movie.

Many of the plans or actions they embark on fail to some degree or other. It's deliberately set so the success of Return of the Jedi will be hard won, but earned.

Here's some of the failures of our favourite power trio:

  • Leia decided that the Rebels should hide on ice Planet Hoth. Vader finds them and then carves them up a bit with his attack. 
  • Han, Leia and Chewie escape Hoth on the Millennium Falcon only to find that the ship's hyperdrive is broken.  This necessitates Han flying into  into the asteroid field which then results in our heroes nearly being eaten by the giant space slug.
  • Later, Han cleverly uses the Imperial's space junk garbage to hide in open space but he's matched by Boba Fett who also knew that trick. Fett is able to get to Bespin with Vader before Han arrives.
  • Han's whole 'fall in love with Leia thing' didn't go so well for a time. 
  • Indeed Han's idea to run to Lando to lay low for a bit falls over when Lando sells him out. Not that he had much of a choice. 
  • Afer Han is iced by Vader, Leia tries to rescue Han with Chewie and Lando in tow but Boba Fett is able to safely escape in Slave. 
  • Luke, on his own 'heroes journey' faces Vader despite being warned not to by Master Yoda. He's attempting to save his his friends but cannot. Luke fails to convince his father to not be the second most baddest guy in the universe and loses his arm for his trouble

At least he gained a dad?

  • Perhaps amusingly Vader's own plan to convince Luke to join him and overthrow the Emperor and rule the galaxy together is a big flop. 

Luke did have some success bringing down an AT-AT Walker though, we'll give him that!

This post was totally inspired by this tweet!

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