Heavens to Merchoid - Xmas Star Wars Jerseys!

Nov 1, 2019
Merchoid are keen to promote their full range of Star Wars Xmas Jerseys so kindly sent us a couple to check out, of my choosing.

Now, these are marketed as Ugly Christmas Sweaters, which can be a bit of an 'in joke' around certain Office Christmas parties and family gatherings.

Which amused me greatly since it's summer here in little old New Zealand and honestly no one wears jerseys at this time except for retired school principals. 

Or so I thought. 

Having skimmed their excellent range, I spied this:

hoth xmas jersey

So that's what I ordered. 

A Christmas Star Wars jersey for a NZ summer. 

And also this bad boy because it felt like the mash of Star Wars and traditional Christmas colors felt like the right thing to do. 

Like throwing a Sith Lord down a firey pit or something:

xwing xmas jersey

Any ways, the wife has worn it three days in a row, so maybe the NZ summer aint too hot this year.....

Have you been watching the Mandalorian? That show is hotter than this knitwear - check out some of the show's call backs to the Star Wars films!

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