How John Wayne appeared in Star Wars IV: A New Hope

Mar 14, 2021
Mr True Grit himself, John Wayne had a line in Star Wars. 

Yes, that John Wayne. 

His film The Searchers had an undeniable influence on George Luca's script. 

So what was the line from John Wayne?

john wayne star wars quote

You've probably seen A New Hope one thousand times and never picked it. You only know it, if you know. 

You certainly never hear Wanye's classic style of speaking. 

Instead, the reality is less exciting. 

He provided the voice of Imperial spy Garindan in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope via stock audio, making this his last role in a film before his death. Wayne's voice was processed so greatly for the movie and so you cannot determine it is him, let alone a language spoken by a human!

Here's the moment in the film:

john wayne's voice in star wars

Here's a clip of Garidan talking to the Storm Trooper:

We would have never picked this in a million years!

George Lucas has done all sorts of cool Star Wars tricks and trivia over the years so it was no surprise to learn about this 'cameo appearance' of The Duke. Here are some classic Star Wars cameos, however!

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