That time Harrison Ford lost his wallet...

Dec 10, 2020
harrison ford lost wallet story

Here's a friendly story we saw relayed about Harrison Ford!

We all know how a large part of the Star Wars films are filmed in London. This story to relates Harrison Ford and his time in London filming The Force Awakens:

"While escaping work for half an hour, I walked into the Elephant and Castle just off Kensington High Street and who else but Harrison Ford is in there, full lycra running gear on, having a half pint on his own.

"I go to the bar, get my drink and nervously say hi and briefly tell him what a hero of mine he is. He was very polite and I left him to his half. He then left the bar five minutes later but left his wallet on the table. (Who knows where he would have put it in all the lycra he was wearing anyway.)

"I grab the wallet and run up the road shouting 'Harrsion!' He turns back and I hand him his wallet and he says 'I guess you're my hero now.'"

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