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Nov 20, 2020

After the hotness of last week's live action introduction of Bo-Katan and the name drop of Ashoka Tana, can episode 4 of The Mandalorian deliver again? 

We shouldn't really have doubted the show as The Mandalorian continues to take massive strides with its storytelling and world-building. 

It's starting to become clear that The Mandalorian is the new gateway in the Star Wars realm. Sure, it is leveraging the past in many ways but it's slowly filling in some lore about what happened after the Seige of Mandalore and how the 'remnants' of Empire managed to keep the hustle going. 

But as an episode alone? 

It was kinda dull. 

Sure, there's an exciting TIE Fighter chase which kinda mimics the famous trench run of ANH somewhat, dumb Stormtroopers being all 'meta' and yet another Baby Yoda must eat food moment (over egging much?) and an intriguing insight into why Mof Gideon wants Baby Yoda so bad... 

But it was still kinda dull. 

It was nice to see Cara Dune get to play the badass, out of the shadow of The Mandalorian but the concept of a secret base everyone knows about a few clicks out of town.... c'mon.

The show looks amazing! The CGI is top level. The tie-fighter chase sequence was classic ANH hope style shoot em up (which The Force Awakens also took inspiration from). 

There's not more much to say.... honestly we are just hanging out for episode 5 which is directed by Dave Filoni which suggests we might just get finally to see a live action Ashoka Tano. 

To summarise, while this episode was not filler like say episode 2, it's probably a case of 'don't bore us, get to the chorus'.

chapter 13 mandalorian concept art

Trivia, easter eggs and general Star Wars references contained in Episode IV of The Mandalorian (SPOILERS):

  • The M-Count is a reference to Midicholirans of course and that Baby Yoda obviously has them. 
  • It appears Mof Gideon has a few Dark Trooper variants up his sleeve...
  • Directed by Greef Karga himself, Carl Weathers.
  • There's an implication of cloning and using The Child's midchlorians - which ties in a little to Snoke being a clone with Force user abilities... remember this show is set 4 years after Return of the Jedi. The secret lab with clones could possibly be tied to the Emperor's plans. 
  • Did you spot IG-11 in the town?
  • "Did you lose anyone on Alderaan” - this has to be the dumbest question asked in the history of Star Wars. Or did it give some hint of a very dark past for the character?
  • The "Alright men, load your weapons...blast them!" quote from the Stormtrooper is a sweet nod to ANH.
  • Cliched Wilhelm scream when the trooper falls into the lava. 
  • "I'll try spinning, that's a cool trick." The Mando spinning in his dog fight with the TIE Fighter was probably a nod to what young Anakin Skywalker did in The Phantom Menace.
  • The blue Mythrol was the same bloke from the very first episode of the show in Season One.
  • Moff Gideon's ship was an Arquitens-Class Frigate
  • Tracking device planted on the Razor Crest? No idea where that concept comes from...
  • The 'no guard rail' line is kind of an in joke that in many of the Star Wars films, there are no guard rails in place for dangerous work places i.e. Obi-Wan Kenobi turning off the tracking beam in A New Hope. 
  • One of the girls in the Navarro school has a Rey  style haircut.
  • At the 18th minute and 54 seconds mark you can see a person from the production caught in the frame accidentally. They are to the right of Greef's shoulder (onscreen left). You can see they are wearing a great shirt, blue jeans and a watch on their left arm...
crew caught in frame mandolorian

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