The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Jedi

Nov 27, 2020
live action ashoka tano

"I hope it's about him"

This is it. 

The one where our beskar plated Hero meets one of the 'Jedi Sorcerers' the Armourer told him to find back in Season One.

We've had Bo KatanCobb Vanth from the Rebels show and the Aftermath novel respectively but for the fans, Ashoka Tano's live action appearance is quite a big deal. 

A bigger deal than Finn anyway...

Does Dave Filloni's latest tilt at the director's chair pull off the excitement of introducing Ashoka Tano?


We quickly cut to a dark forest which echo's the colors of Mimban or indeed, the Mustapha forest that Kylo Ren wrecks some havoc on in TROS.

No mucking around, here, Ashoka is quickly revealed as taking down some crude bad guys. We know they are bad guys because a) it's Ashoka and b) they are crude. 

The show then sets up the Mandalorian meeting the main bad gal who sets him on a bounty hunt to bring down Ms Tano. 

Mando proves his worth against a Jedi (a moment that last seconds but speaks through the whole series as the first time Mando has been truly challenged by a greater opponent).

And we learn Baby Yoda's name: Grogu!

Someone took him from the Jedi temple during its sacking by Anakin at the end of The Clone Wars!

But who?

There's probably a back story comic coming to explain...

Ashoka tests Baby Grogu and ultimately determines she will not train him, as she feared his anger would lead him to the dark side. She alludes to her experience with Anakin Skywalker. 

It's great, slow burn star wars and such a rich pay off for the journey as a viewer thus far into 14 chapters of The Mandalorian. 

Oh did we mention Micheal Bein, an actor in two of the greatest sci fi films of the 80's turns up of all people turns up? Game over man, game over*.

Indeed, the later scenes feature Ashoka picking off the bad guys like a certain Alien creature familiar with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. We're certain this is a deliberate nod to the Alien films, hence the casting.  Or maybe they cast Bein and and then shot accordingly. 

This episode is possibly the most Star Wars Mando show we've had yet. It echoes all we have seen before, it references Thrawn!.

This could be the intinital set up piece for a bigger story arc - The TV show Rebels left Thrawn with some unaswered questions - a covergence of the The Mandolarian, the Ahsoka Show and the other shows could culminated with a confrontation with Thrawn maybe?

On a smaller scalem, the show sets up Baby Grogu as potentially a new hope of some kind and we see the Mandalorian accept he is the father figure he denies he is. 

I'm fairly confident this episode will be the one people long remember well after this amazing show concludes. Ed note - well wait until they see the final espisode of the season

We must note this is David Filioni's third or fourth turn at directing a live action Star Wars show after his many years producing wonderful cartoons in the form of The Clone Wars and Rebels. We cannot but feel he's been given these live action gigs as training for a future Star Wars film of his own. 

This episode alone shows he would be worth it. 

The music was subtle but incredible and I'm pretty sure I heard Yoda's theme at one point.

Look like we're off to planet Tython...

mandaloran baby yoda art drawing

Facts, trivia, easter eggs and generally cool stuff

  • The rumours were true, Rosario Dawson plays Ashoka Tano and she does it well. 
  • The Magistrate is called Morgan Elspeth.
  • Did you spot the appearance of Morai?
  • Did you spot the Lothcat? (I think this is the second appearance of one...)
  • Question: Was the beskar spear, the same kind as the spear Captain Phasma used in The Last Jedi? Before you ask, Phasma's armour is made from Naboo steel.
  • And will it be what he uses to defend himself against the Dark Saber that Moff Gideon will inevitably use against him the final episode of this season?
  • The duo HK87 droids were yet another call back to the KOTOR game.
  • When Ashoka says "May the Force be with you" to Mando, he doesn't know the polite reply of "and also with you". 
  • How's that tracking device going for Moff Gideon?

* Yes, we know the quote is not his. 

The show itself was a mix of classic Western (Mando faces off in a gun duel) crossed with the hero's journey often found in Kurosawa films (which have inspired many a Western and of course George Lucas. Lucas was inspired by lots of things actually...

Rosario Dawson is Ahsoka Tano in THE MANDALORIAN

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