Review of the Mandalorian S2: E7: Chapter 15: The Believer

Dec 11, 2020

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'Let's just say they might recognize my face"

I think we're starting to ask this question every episode, can this week's show top the wonder and magic of the last? Did the formal introduction of Baba Fett to live action Star Wars TV leave room for any other amazing twist and turns

After the introduction of Ashoka Tan Bo Katan & Cobb Vanth, what's left?

What's left is an oddly introspective episode where Bill Burr's character Mayfeld shows a whole new human dimension and we actually see Din Darin's face - both of which were quite poignant moments. 

Cara Dune takes Mayfeld from his prison Mayfeld via her new powers as Marshall - Mando needs Mayfeld to get the co-ordinates of Moff Gideon's cruiser. 

It's a simple in and out mission...

Taking heavy inspiration from the classic French film, The Wages of Fear, Mando and Mayfeld team up to drive a truck that could blow up any minute.

It's a fresh sci-fi spin on a classic movie. 

The second half of the co-ordinate caper is an all out escape and shoot out featuring plenty of dead stormtroopers and a brilliant call back to Attack of the Clones when Boba Fett blows up two Tie Fighters using the same trick he and Jango Fett pulled on Obi-Wan when playing tag-your-it in the asteroid field. 

To be fair, a big come down from the last two episodes but quite the enjoyable episode, if not alone for Mayfeld's human turn at giving some social commentary and in a mode much better than the garbage effort that DJ tried to shove down our throats in The Last Jedi. 

Mando taking his helmet off in front of Mayfeld was a great payoff to show how the Mando is growing into his role as Baby Grogu's father - he would appear to do anything for his son. 

Facts and Trivia about The Believer

  • First time we see Mando's face
  • The seismic charge bomb Slave 1 drops is the same kind used in Attack of the Clones - it even has the same explosive effect
  • The Slave ship appears to have had a paint job to match Fett's suit (refreshed) colors.
  • The Rhydonium was previously featured as explosives in the Clone Wars!
  • Mando used a spear to kill a pirate - helping show he has the skills to use the Beskar spear to kill Moff Gideon. 
  • Operation Cinder was first mentioned in the Star Wars: Shattered Empire novel and another notable coverage was in Battle Front II.
  • Boba Fett says about scanning into the terminal "Let's just say they might recognize my face." is a great joke about him being a clone. 
  • Not really sure how the terminal scanning Din Darin's face makes any kind of sense - surely a record of an person in the Imperal Service would be required to already be in the system... right?
  • Directed and written by Rick Famuyiwa in his second turn at guiding an episode. 
  • First episode of the whole Mandalorian series where baby Grogu is not seen. 
  • Mando taunts Gideon with basically the same speech Gideon spouted off to Mando in Season One. 

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