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Dec 20, 2020

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The Mandalorian: Season Two Final Review

S1 was a great introduction to Djin and his little green friend baby Grogu and this season has ramped up the storing telling, opening up the adventure on a much grander scale in the Star Wars realm. We've seen Jedi share their wisdom & Mandalorians rescue Mando from the bowels of a giant sea monster. We've seen egg diets. Kryat dragons and we've seen the triumphant return of Boba Fett played by Tem Morrison.

So well well, what do we have here with this Payton Reed directed final episode of season two of The Mandalorian?


Bo Katan and Koska are back on the field of play!

A plan is hatched to get the Mandalorians, Dune and Shand on to Moff Gideon's Imperial Light Cruiser. The two pronged plan sees Djin seeking baby Grogu and Katan and the gang, the Dark Saber.

Things do not go well. 

Mando fights a Dark Trooper and gets his ass handed to him. We love how this show gets him beat up every week by some one or something until he pulls off a save or someone has to rescue him!


RA-7 droid

Let's skip all that and talk about the only thing we need to talk about. 

Remember Grogu sat on the stone and sent a message to any Jedi who would listen and help?

LUKE SKYWALKER has entered the chat. 

Yes, a CGI version of a young Luke Skywalker, voiced by Mark Hamill turns up in his classic X-Wing to literally save the day and to take Baby Grogu on as his apprentice.


What a THRILL it was to see the green lightsaber, finally after all these years. 

We dared hope it was Luke when we saw that green blade and when we saw the black-gloved hand, we knew. 

Or dared to believe until the reveal and it was a Star Wars moment and a half!

And the show ended.


Or did it?

If you played through the credits, we got a bonus scene, the first ever for The Mandalorian show. 

If features Jabbas Palace Throne room - Fett and Shand attempt to take it over from... Bib Fortuna. Fortuna you may recall was Jabba's Right Hand Twilek in Return of the Jedi. He'd clearly taken over the reins from the Fat Slug.


And now it's Boba's turn. 

The scene ends with the reveal that "The Book Of Boba Fett" will be released on December 2021.

Is this a film, a new show? The Tales of Tatooine? We have no idea. 

let me look at you with my own eyes


Facts and trivia about The Rescue

  • The Book of Boba Fett appears to be a new film to feature Fett
  • First live action TV appearance of Luke Skywalker
  • "This armor belonged to my father." - "Don't you mean your donor?"
  • Luke killing all the Dark Troopers was very similar to Vader's hall scene in Rogue One - effortless.
  • First time Mando shows his face to Grogu
  • Maclunky?
  • RIP Jeremy Bulloch who died today.
  • Sabine just gives Bo Katan the Darksaber sword in Rebels so Katan's reluctance to take it from Mando makes little sense.
  • Din does not get Luke Skywalker's name. How is he going to find him again?
  • Bib Fortuna was on Jabba's Sail Barge when it blew up in Return of the Jedi - so a minor retcon there for the character.
  • The silver RA-7 droid has a gold leg which is perhaps a nod to C-3PO, being golden with a silver leg
  • Grogu's goodbye scene with Din somewhat parallels and callbacks to Anakin's goodbye with his mother Shmi in The Phantom Menace:
    two goodbyes star warr

Like father, like son: A parallel between two Skywalkers:

vader hall scene luke

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