What is 'Maclunky' in Star Wars?

Dec 20, 2020

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Going somewhere Solo?


Like the Whilhelm Scream which Lucas made popular in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, it's an in joke for Star Wars fans that George Lucas caused just before he sold his 4 Billion dollar company Lucasfilm to Disney.

Lucas made yet another change to the Cantina scene between Han Solo and Greedo. It's now an infamous edit that Lucas made Greedo shoot at Han first in the Star Wars Special Edition, rather than the original 1977 release where Han Shot First. 

This new change was made by Lucas but never released - just before Greedo shoots Han he says it:


Here's a quick video of the version of Disney Plus:

In the official Star Wars parlance, the word is actually two 'ma klounkee' - which translates to 'it'll be the end of you.' 

Or maybe it means Hot Pockets.


In the context of the revised Cantina scene, Han can be interpreted as hearing these words as a threat, which may be why he was so hot on the trigger. It's a kind of halfway house between Greedo firing first or Han.

Kind of.

At the time of the 2019 Disney release, this was the second time it has been said in formal #StarWars canon.

Great Minds, better than ours have established that, in chronological order, Pod Racer Sebulba says this to young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menance:
So this is fun an all but why are Star Wars fans only picking up on this word now? It's something to do with the teaser at the end of the final episode of Season Two of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

As Fennec Shand kills a few Gamoreean Guards and strolls into what is now Bib Fortuna's Palace (formerly Jabba the Hutt's) Boba sends a guard to investigate with a 'Maclunky' i.e. do it or it will be the end of you. 

Our new 'antihero' Boba Fett walks down the steps with a slow but determined saunter and kills the guard anyway.

This ties everything together and making the expression Maclunkey a real emotive device in the Star Wars canon or at the very least, an expression of Tattoine, more likely it's actually Huttese.

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