Top 7 things to do to celebrate May the Fourth 2022

Apr 30, 2021

May the 4th has become a big Star Wars celebration event. 

While you can celebrate Star Wars any day, May the 4th is a nod to the famous May the Force Be With You quote from the original A New Hope film which is then uttered in nearly every Star Wars film by one character or another. 

may fourth star wars

So here are 7 things you can do to celebrate Star Wars!

Pass it forward

Introduce a friend who has never seen Star Wars to one of the greatest space operas that there has ever been! Believe it or not, some people have never seen the films. That's on them but you can introduce them to the far far away galaxy.  Sit back on the sofa, crank the surround sound to eleven and enjoy the classic film. 

Watch the films in order

If you're up for a marathon, you can watch ALL THE STAR WAR FILMS in chronological order. That means prequels, the OT, the Disney trilogy and the side films like Solo! 

It will take you a couple of day and nights but you're up for it champ. 

If time is a factor, consider the Machete order!

Get a Star Wars tattoo!

All the kids are getting them, even the cool kids! How about this Futurama cross over or this amazing Luke Skywalker piece:

arm sleeve tatoo luke skywalker

Watch a film that inspired Star Wars

It's well known that the original film is an amalgam of the films and books that inspired George Lucas. From The Searchers to Dune to Forbidden Planet and John Carter of Mars. Why not explore one of these works that inspired and influence Star Wars? 

You could even watch George Lucas's first science fiction film, THX 1138. You did know about that one right?

Explore the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie and Doug Chiang

Ralph was the artist that helped Lucas design the world of Star Wars. From the first drawing sketches of our favourite droids, the creation of Darth Vader and the Rancor in Jedi he was across a lot of the design in the original trilogy. 

For the prequels, Doug Chiang become the new lead concept designer and gave us these wonderful creations:

attack of the clones art

phantom menace art
Roger, roger

naboo star fighter

The work that went into designing the Attack of Clones was simply incredible.

Dress up as your favorite character!

A bit of Star Wars cosplay never hurt anybody so grab your glad rags and dress up as a hero or villain as you like!

twilek cosplay photos

family cosplay star wars

leia jedi cosplay endor

Consider this thought:

leia endor plot hole

Some people can get really into plot holes in films. 

Most films have them. 

Our view is to take the films as they are and enjoy them accordingly. 

Or you could jump off the deep end into the plot holes of The Last Jedi. We appreciate some of you would rather die of methanol poisoning than watch that film again though...

Plot twists, now that's a Star Wars thing!

Brush up of your Star Wars trivia

Every single Stars Wars film contains a lot of trivia. There's so much we can hardly keep up. We sure try though! Take some time to learn the best trivia on the best sci-fi franchise there ever has been!

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