BOBF: Chapter 2 Review: The Tribes of Tatooine

Jan 5, 2022

 After last week's slow burning, scene setting episode 'Stranger in a Strange land', we were hoping the second episode of The Book Boba Fett, The Tribes of Tatooine would turn the scale and speed of the plot up a wee bit.

Did it?

This review will fill you in! Oh, by the way, did you ever see the film Dances with Wolves?

Boba fett chapter two review

Did you ever meet the Mayor of Mos Espa? Fennec Shand thinks a visit would be nice if you have not had the pleasure...

How about the Rancour?

How about an Assasin Wookie - the first-ever Bad Guy Wookie in Star Wars? It could be the infamous 'gladiator' Black Krrsantan but I do not think there's any way to tell at this point? (Side note - When will we see an appearance of Doctor Aphra in the TV medium?)

How about slugging it out with two Hutts in front of Sanctuary? (This is a nonsensical plot point. The Mayor says something is happening at Sanctuary, Garsa knows something is happening and... then the Hutt's turn up? Beats me how they knew when Fett and Shand were turning up to visit the Mayor's office to get the intel in the first place...)

Another flashback to Fett's training with the Sand People as to how to correctly use a Gaffi stick?

speeder bike concept art

A 'space train' long speeder in the Tattoine desert? Give me some strength. This is not the Solo film, no this is another knowing nod to Lawrence of Arabia

Could we say Fett is truly a Lizard Brain now?

Oh great, an evil tree. I bet he makes a Gaffi stick from the branch.

Called it. 

This series is sure not the Mandalorian.

That said...

There's a fight in a bar where Boba confronts a 'biker gang'. At that point, the actor Tem Morrison evokes and invokes his own Maori heritage and taps into his Jake the Muss character from Once Were Warriors and unleashes his own personal hell on the biker gang. 

Morrison's eyes go to a place that Sam Neil was channelling in Event Horizon and the result is chilling. Fett's character has a truly quiet rage - and as the episode gives a brief nod to, the death of his father Jango Fett lurks darkly in his dreams.


We love that Boba Fett is not a single-minded bounty hunter or a killing machine. We can't way to see how he progresses his character art but overall we consider this episode as simple filler. There is still no overall plot point obviously in play other than Boba finding his way in the universe.


Try this idea on for size.....

  • Order of the Night Wind in play... 
  • Boba Fett continues to insist he walks his 10,000 steps a day...
  • Directed by Steph Green
  • Epic reference to Spice - a Dune novel reference perhaps?
  • Mok Shaiz, the Ithorian mayor of Mos Espa was voiced by Robert Rodriquez (who directed Chapter 1).

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