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Jan 27, 2022

The end of Chapter 4, The Gathering Storm hinted at the Mandalorian theme - is Din Djarin going to be called in as muscle?

Let the hype machine begin...


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Review: Chapter 5 of the Book of Boba Fett:




Let's be clear, Boba Fett does not have a second of screen time in his own show in Chapter 5. 

It's a completely self-contained Mandalorian episode save for a Fennec Shand cameo right at the end. 

Yep, Din Djarin opens the show claiming a bounty (in which he accidentally cuts himself with the Dark Saber), which indirectly leads him to The Armorer and Pre Vizsla. 

Darin survives a cliched challenge for the Dark Saber but true to his own self, he leaves his 'friends' apparently no longer a Mandalorian. 

Sad face. 

They lost 30 Mandalorians to help him escape with baby Grogu and then cast him aside like he was nothing but a lump of shiny Beskar. 

It would seem a father's love only grows stronger for our Mandalorian.

Happy face.

Cut to an extended visit with Amy Sedaris'  Peli Motto as she and Mando rebuild a Naboo starfighter to replace the Razor Crest. Sedaris is fantastic as she and Mando re-build and configure the ship, deal with Jawa salesmen and generally drop a whole lot of Star Wars references as they riff. 

It's truly classic Star Wars fun and will have made many Mando fans happy. 

And this leads into the plot of Fett - the Mandalorian will be at Boba Fett's side during the final showdown with the Pykes. 

Trivia and cool references in the show

  • Did you spot the Womp rat in Beggar's canyon? That was a Star Wars first. Which itself was a whole nod to Anakin Skywalker's famous pod race in The Phantom Menace and Luke's comment about the rats in A New Hope. You may have also spotted that the service route fence that young Anakin Skywalker smashed in TPM Podrace was still left as it was as Mando passed by the same route Anakin.
  • The Naboo N-1 Star Fighter is of course a reference to those seen in The Phantom Menace as well. The question is, is this 'classic' the one Ani drove? Edit - it's not, the designations on the cockpit do not match each other.
  • The board 'space cop' that stops Mando inflight was played by Max Lloyd Jones. He was the stand in body double for Luke Skywalker in the final episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian. Nice to see Favreau throwing the man an on screen acting credit with his own face!
  • Dank Farrick! is clearly a favorite swear word of Mando
  • Did you spot the giant Halo / Ringworld? Halo nerds are gonna claim it as being 'seen'. I do.
  • Sedaris mention's the Starfighter as being faster than a Falthier - the species that featured in The Last Jedi. Finn rode one.
  • Wizard! In TPM, Ani's mate says to him, This is Wizard, Ani when speaking of Ani's pod racer. Mando is saying it of the Star Fighter. The Wizard of Oz film was actually referenced in the Return of the Jedi.
  • We saw some live action destruction of Mandalore with the Imperial Tie Bombers bombing cities. I think this is the first time we've actually seen bombing on this scale.
  • In the Siege of Mandalore bombing scene, we also see the kind of droids that Vader sent out to Hoth in The Empire Strikes back, we personally refer to these as Mobieus droids.
  • The K2SO? units mopping up any survivors appeared to be a reference to the Terminator films.
  • "It's brand new. Well, Jawa new."
  • Spot the BD unit, the kind of which first featured in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, her third turn at a Mandalorian episode
  • You know that special part that Mando asked the two furry Jawa to secure for him? Did you ever wonder where you may have seen it before?:
    ANH trash compacter part in Boba Fett

Episode thoughts: 

  • After his 'eviction' from being a Mandalorian by The Armorer, we suspect a lot of Mandalorian Season three may be about returning to Mandalore and take a bath to cleanse himself of the sin of removing his helmet in a bath that's supposedly destroyed.
  • Did Pelo Motto have sexual relations with a Jawa? We hear they are a bit fury

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