"The Gathering Storm" Review: Book of Boba Fett Season 1: Chapter 4

Jan 19, 2022

After the hit and miss of the Streets of Mos Espa the Book of Boba Fett finally shows Boba in action as a man to not screw with.

Having taken several beatings physically and mentally in the first three episodes, our now standard flashback sees 'The Man with No Name' of Star Wars unleash hell on the biker gang that killed his Tusken tribe, battle a Sarlacc monster and retrieve Slave 1 (referred to by Boba as Firespray). 

Wookie Black Krrsantan

"The Gathering Storm" directed by Kevin Tancharoen (Titans, Flash, Fame and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

My key takeaway is this episode obviously was written and filmed well before the internet moaners started to complain how Boba was weak, not killing anybody like the feared Bounty Hunter he apparently was. 

Even the newly repaired by Fennec Shand calls him out on it. 

And writer Jon Favreau highlights this is a personal growth story for Fett, it's going to be his grand arc of development. Fett acknowledges all this and simply shrugs it all away like a grain of sand off his back - stating his time with the Tusken people has made him even stronger.

Slave 1 is now officially in good old Disney 'family first fashion' referred to as a "Firespray" Ship. 

When he slaughtered the biker gang from above his Firespray, he showed no emotion*, he just took them all out and moved on. 




*OK, a quiet steely, murderous streak was probably boiling through his revenge full veins.

the gathering storm boba fett

The fairly long flashback sequence (remember this is the Book of Fett, meaning his whole story) features more Batha riding, the discovery and repair of Fenech Shand and a fun liberation of Slave 1 from Jabba's palace. 

The episode is basically a few set pieces strung together.

Boba fruitlessly searches for his prized Mandalorian armour at the Salarc Putt, at which time the Sarlac bests Slave 1 until Shand produces some 'sonic boom' of her own to save the ship. 

This sets up an interesting story as to how Fett knows that Our Metal Man The Mandalorian obtained his suit from Cob Vanth...

Back to reality, nothing much happens other than Fett meets with Jabba the Hutt's former Captains of Crime to discuss the melange of the Pyke Syndicate with a not so subtle reminder to the audience that Fett is in possession of a Rancour.

We suspect he's gonna ride it into town one day instead of all walking he does...

Trivia about The Gathering Storm

  • If you listened carefully in the final minutes when the duo talk about hiring muscle... the theme of the Mandalorian plays for a moment - will Din Djarin join in some fun? Quote by Shand "Credits can buy muscle if you know where to look.”
  • Fett's line that "No one gets far without a tribe" confirms his intent to set up The House of Fett. He is building that team with Shand, The Wookie who likes to rip arms off and who knows else...
  • The robot cooking dinner in The Palace appeared to take a General Grievous style pose when he raised his blades to Fett. This robot design was first debuted in Attack of the Clones. 
  • We have finally solved the old age question, do Gonk droids blow up when shot? They sure do, Micheal Bay style...
  • The timelines are slowly resolving together - it appears Fett spent about 4 years or so with the Tusken Tribe and perhaps a year or so running around the desert before he partnered with Shand. It's still vague.
  • Did you spot a certain drunk Wookie in Sanctuary ripping off an arm, Wookie style? Counting Chewbacca in Solo, this is the 2nd on-screen time we have seen a Wookie rip a limb off. (There's a deleted scene for The Force Awakens in which Chewbacca does some damage to Unkar Plutt).
  • "There's an advantage to people thinking your dead" - Boba Fett, with a few scores to settle.
  • Points off the review score for visible shiny mod bikes at the Mod Shope where Shand was repaired.
  • Fett is turning out to be a real animal lover, Bantha Whisper
  • The Sarlacc creature design was true to the Return of the Jedi Special Edition (Next time, don't touch my buttons).
  • When Fennec cut the iron bars to enter the Palace sewer it appeared to be the same sound as the lightsabers hissing when Dooku was decapitated in Revenge of the Sith
  • When Garsa Fwip says to the blue Jizz Player, "Hit it, Max!", this confirms the musician is indeed the same Max Rebo that was playing in Chalmun's Cantina in A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke ventured in.
  • Ming-Na Wen's son Cooper can be spied in a non-speaking role. 

Shower thought: #bobafett is the only Star Wars character to escape the Sarlacc that resides in the pit of Carkoon... TWICE.

Here's some cool concept art of Fett riding a Bantha by Christian Alzmann

Boba Fett concept art by Christian Alzmann.
The Book of Boba Fett concept art by Christian Alzmann.

Sarlac Pit versus Firespray:

firespray concept art

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