Boba Fett: Chapter 7 Review: Season Final "In the Name of Honor"

Feb 9, 2022

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This is it.

The review of the final episode of the Book Of Boba Fett. 

 "In the Name of Honor"

Or rather, Season 2.5 of The Mandalorian ;)

Given Fett was not in The Return of the Mandalorian and did not say a single word in From the Desert Come a Stranger, is Fett even in the final episode of his own show?

He sure did, with spit and... vinegar rancour.


Boba Fett: Chapter 7 Review: Season Final

The last episodes in their own weird way have been drip-fed to us as Djarin and Fett's stories have become entwined into a grand arc of Star Wars story that only hints at greater things to come in the Star Wars realm (We mean Thrawn and more Luke Skywalker and Tano)

But it's game day. Enough emotional arc and set up, time to pay up Jon Favreau and crew.

So if I said to you and you believed that the highlight of the show was Boba Fett riding his pet rancour down the streets of Mos Espa eating Pyke scum, then that's all you need to know what happened. 

Right? Cos it was awesome. 

Or you could take a broader look and see how the Fett show has turned the almost mythical & iconic status of Fett and given him a true character arc - bloody killer and bounty hunter of the Empire into a man that just wants to rule with respect, with a bit of family on the side. 

And that's the rug that squares the living room aware nicely. 

Fett is no longer a masked man, a lone Clint Eastward type of man with no name gunslinging crossing the desert of Tatooine, he's grown. 

boba fett final review rating

Like his pet rancour. 

That thing is a fucking beast.

rancr et

Star Wars is no stranger to using Western film tropes. George Lucas put so many into ANH such as a burning homestead with two murdered family members' bodies smoking away (refer John Wayne's The Searchers).

And this show has slowly built its way into a Seven Samurai kind of situation where Fett has rounded up his Magnificent Seven to his budding empire (but really to protect the people of Tattoine from the Pyke Syndicate and the Spice trade). 

Thrown in some High Noon and you've got yourself a Fred Zinnemann /Akira Kurosawa based stew.

And this, dear Force Fan, is where the fun begins, or perhaps even the rug pool...

The local syndicates betray Fett, and all hell breaks loose as his 'eyes and ears' are compromised. 

When the Pyke's realise Mando and Fett 'whill' cannot be broken they send in two impressive droids that are taller than most houses - thing giant Droidekka droids from the prequels on steroids. 

Which is just an excuse to let Boba ride the rancour into town and eat everyone. 

On paper this sounds great, however, the script was actually quite light and Robert Rodriquez misses yet again with his directing. His tone of directing is just off, especially after the incredibly brilliant prior two episodes from Filoni and Dallas Howard. Let's hope he doesn't get a chance again and Filoni gets more air time with a film soon (actually, he's got the Ashoka series).

Example of bad directing - the people of Freetown are running down the street fleeing the killer diller Scorpenek robots and the robots... miss their shots by 30 meters? What, are they Storm Troopers?

Still, Fett does get to demonstrate that he's still a badass at various points which should please the internet and his showdown with Cad Bane will go down as a Boba Fett legend moment.

Still Two - it was a fun episode but not as epic as it should have been. Certainly, the 6 episodes of set-up did not warrant this 'feels good but is slightly hollow' payoff. 

It may have been better two split the two timelines, season one of Fett living with the Sand people and season 2 Fett fitting into the Mandalorian timeline. 4 episodes each. 

Also no more Mods in Star Wars, please. 


They suck.

Spoiler - Cobb Vanth is revealed to be in Boba's Bacta Tank in a post ending credit scene about to be modded by the guy with dreads that saved Fennec Shand's life. Why does Vanth need to be modded, he was 'only' shot in the shoulder...

Also when you think of it... all these problems happened because Boba Fett decided to take over Tatooine...

mandalorian close up helmet


  • “If that’s not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy.”
  • Baby Rancour climbing up the tower is an obvious homage to King Kong.
  • The droids are called Scorpenek.
  • Mando kept the ball from the Razor Crest
  • Pretty sure when Mando and Fett were fighting back to back that was a reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  • Boba saying "Do it" to his rancour appears to be a reference to when Palpatine says it to Annakin in Revenge of the Sith
  • Boba using his well earned gaffi stick as a finishing moe against Cad Bane solidifies his acceptance and commitment towards his ideal of strength through family/others, which ultimately triumphs over the selfish and cold morals of the solitary bounty hunting life he once led.

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  1. Good God man how about reading your review before posting it? Vast numbers of typos. Hard to understand in places.


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