Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 2 Review

May 27, 2022

kenobi show episode 2 review

Disney dropped Obi-Wan Kenobi with a debut of two episodes. 

Our review of Episode One of Old Man Ben is here. 

Watched back to back, these two episodes are quite the ride!

Where the first episode was a slow burn, reintroduction to all things Kenobi, the second gets into the action right away. 

Kenobi manages to find and rescue young princess Leia very quickly, which only serves to suggest there's a 'match up' coming very promptly with the Inquisitors (who have locked the planet down as Kenobi has tripped their trap.)

Kenobi wants this ride over fast. 

He's anxious. 

More worried about Luke Skywalker than some girl. 

The girl however quickly reveals to Obi-Wan he has misjudged her and we can tell he starts to admire her. 

He recognises Padme in her and while he talks about her, he does not reveal he knows Padme was Leia's mother (which at this point keeps things in canon somewhat).

After a few side steps said match up is set up to occur - Reva feels she has Kenobi trapped and the showdown must happen but BOOM, the Grand Inquisitor turns up and in a sudden but inevitable betrayal, Reva puts a saber through his stomach (*) and away we go allowing Kenobi to escape with Leia. 

While this episode was all about the rescue of Leia and Kenobi's attempt to get her off-planet, at its heart Kenobi is slowly being brought back into the fold as a Jedi. He's having to learn to love again in a sense. He's having to use the Force for the first time in many a year. 

It's superbly acted all round, Leia and Kenobi make a fine duo as they banter. 

young leia kenobi comparison to jedi

Trivia and facts

  • Yes, that Clone trooper veteran was Temeura "I'm the Boba Fett now' Morrison pulling off the homeless 'Rex' vibes in a 501 uniform
  • * While the grand Inquisitor may have suffered some lightsaber discharge.... he's alive in Rebels sooooo he's not dead.
  • The green coat Leia wears is a call back to the great vest she wears on Endor in Jedi.
  • The LOM-series protocol droid that tried to bring down Kenobi was very reminiscent of 4Lom from Empire.
  • Question: How does Reva know Lord Vader is Anakin Skywalker? Was she one of the Jedi padawan seen in the beginning of Episode One?
  • Did you spot the Dathomirian (Darth Maul species) in the drug lab scene?
  • The  girl trying to convince Kenobi to buy the spice drug was Ewan McGregor's own daughter, Esther Rose McGregor.
  • This creature is perhaps a reference to so-called Stilt creature that was ultimately cut from the original ANH film:
    stilt monster star wars


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