Review of Part IV of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jun 10, 2022

obi-wan episode 4 review

Hello there. 

After the high action confrontation between our titular hero and Darth Vader in Episode 3, we must now suffer the come down after such a high. 

Like the prior shows, it parallels an event that happened in one of the films. 

For this episode, it is about the rescue of Princess Leia from the Inquisitor's Fortress Inquisitorius base which parallels the princess rescue from the Death Star. 

It's also the episode where the writers let loose with their plot holes, cliches and unnecessary moments.

Ewan MacGregor continues to nail his character but all around him felt hokey, contrived and felt like a screw ball Clone Wars episode. 

So much so, we'll leave the review there but we'll note some handy trivia and discussion points:

  • When Kenobi takes down the troopers in the hall way, his moves match the saber twirl he often used in the prequel films.
  • What is it with Bacta tanks in Star Wars? While Kenobi is recoving from his burns suffered at the hands of Vader, he is reflecting on his troubles with Vader - echoing the experience Boba Fett had in the first episodes of that series. 
  • Reva's interrogation of young Leia (as if she knows where the Path leads!) mirrors Vader's in ANH.
  • The communicators Kenobi and Tala use when skulling around the Fortress are the exact model used by Luke and C3PO in ANH.
  • The breathing lung that Kenobi uses to sneak into the Fortress appears to the be the same kind that he and Qui-gon Jinn used in The Phantom Menace. 
  • Kenobi uses the Jedi mind trick of misdirection on the troopers - the same kind he used on the Death Star in ANH to misdirect the troopers so he could turn off the tractor beam. 
  • The dead Jedi in the corridor have been seen in various formats before the main one being Tera Sinube from The Clone Wars. We've seen fans posit the idea the Jedi bodies have been retained to help with learning the secrets of Midichlorians.
  • The homing beacon Reva puts into Leia's droid - we get Vader learned that trick as he used it in ANH

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