Episode 3 Review - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jun 6, 2022

 “I am what you made me!”

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After the set ups of Episodes 1 1and 2, the Obi-Wan Kenobi show was very well placed to set up a slow burn build towards the ultimate rematch of Kenobi v. Darth Vader.

Instead we got it in grand Star Wars style!

Having arrived on the planet, Obi-Wan seeks to find the contacts he was told would assist him. 

A few severed Storm Troopers later (it's a long story featuring some introspection about Kenobi's prior adventures), we meet our contact played by Game of Thrones actress...

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And then we get it. 

Darth Vader. 

Hunting down his favourite Jedi Master. 

Yep, three episodes in and we have what I'm calling the  first  showdown of this show. 

Think of this confrontation as an entree to the main course - Vader absolutely OWNS Kenobi: 



Vader LITERALLY drags Kenobi over the hot coals as he reminds him of the pain he has caused him. 

Kenobi asks what Vader has become when he recognises what the black suit is for. 

Vader simply replies with this soon to be eternal quote:

I am what you made me. 

If you have seen the Star Wars prequels films, you'll know what that refers to. 

That aside there is a great moment where Kenobi explains to young Leia that the Force feels like turning on a light when you are feeling scared of the dark.

Just prior to the Vader confrontation, Vader is tracking Kenobi. It is pitch black, Kenobi has nowhere to hide. He ignites his blue sabre for a source of light and it feels to this viewer, that act of turning on the light gave him some measure of comfort over what was about to begin. 

This is not the first time light and dark has been a theme between Vader - aside from the OBVIOUS check this framing using light and shadow in Revenge of the the Sith  between the two.

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