Andor: Review Episode 3

Sep 21, 2022

Three Episodes in and this writer has realized that this show is Star Wars for adults. 

This Tony Gilroy helmed show Andor is balls to the wall Star Wars for adults. 

There's no sappy love story. 

There's no Force.

No memes about Sand.

The fan service is so Star Wars lite. 

Andor, three episodes in is a gritty, dark, desperate conglomeration of dangerous souls. 

Remember in The Last Jedi, the message about being the 'spark'?

The Andor show itself is the spark. 

I'm expecting Cassian Andor to burn everything to the ground. 

andor episode 3 review

While The Mandalorian is the flagship for modern Star Wars post the dreadful ending to the saga films, Andor is slipping in as the Star Wars we may have wanted all along. 

"Don't you wanna fight these bastards for real?"
So says the still unnamed Luthen Rael to Andors. As we all suspected from Episode 2, this new character is indeed the gateway for Andors to join / help form / shape the Rebellion. 

luthen rael andor starwars

If the Rebellion even has a name yet. 

This episode was basically a manhunt by the Big Bad Corporation for Cassian Andor, murderer. 

It was tightly scripted (thanks Tony Gilroy), had some emotional high points and was very true to the Star Wars spirit of our heroes* (* not yet proven as heroes) escaping despite the odds. 

This show thus far has not really been a Star Wars show. It's been a story of people that have been slowly oppressed by the insidious actions of the Empire and The Big Evil Companies. With no Jedi, Sith or Gungans, the story is laser sharp focused on the human aspect of the space opera that is Star Wars. 

We cannot wait to see how this show plays out, these first three episodes are something special and are a soft burn to something surely epic and worthy of the Star Wars name.


First Star Wars media to use the swear word "shit".


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